Sri Lankan Government Decides to Block Anti-Casino Bill

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MP Karu Jayasuriya saw his efforts to prevent casino operations in his country diminished, as the Sri Lankan government decided to reject his proposed bill.

MP Karu Jayasuriya, who is part of the United National Party (UNP), wanted to stop many forms of gambling activities under the strategic development project in Sri Lanka. Although Sri Lankan gambling laws are currently supporting the developments of many big casino projects, Jayasuriya believed he had a chance.

The prominent official presented the bill to the government, which was also supported by MP Jayasuriya’s colleague Dr. Harsha de Silva. The bill is part of an amendment to the Strategic Development Act.

Unfortunately for the supporters anti-gambling, the bill was voted out by out of the government’s future agenda. The House Leader Nimal Siripala de Silva claimed the government is against the implementation of the proposed law.

Important changes to the original Act

Gambling news reports that MP Jayasuriya’s bill was an improvement on the original Act, which was intended to ban casino and other gambling pursuits. “Parliament shall not approve any project which will include the operation of casinos and other gaming activities by whatever name or description or the leasing out of the space for such activities.”

Jayasuriya stressed that gaming was not considered to be a natural way of life according to many prominent religions. “The establishment of gaming centres is associated with other immoral activities such as prostitution. It is a universal reality accepted from the time of the Buddha. Out cultural values do not condone gaming.”

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