Staatslotterij and SNS to Provide Lotto in the Netherlands with Joined Forces

Netherlands lotto

Lotto in the Netherlands will be provided by the joined forces of two enormous companies, Staatslotterij and Sichting Nationale Sporttotlisator.

The Authority for Consumer and Market (ACM) in the Netherlands has given its permission for lottery brands Staatsloterij and Sichting Nationale Sporttotlisator (SNS) for a merging. The two online lotto providers were given permission by the Dutch government back in October, as GamingZion has also reported.

Representatives of the Authority for consumer and Market have declared that the merger will only have a limited effect on online gambling in the northern-European country. However, one thing is for sure: until now it was two different companies to run the most popular lottery games in the Netherlands, now it will all be in one hand.

There are lots of options for those who choose to play online lotto

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