$6.4 Million Oregon Lottery Jackpot Won by Man Living in Iraq

Iraqi man wins Oregon lottery

A man living in Iraq won a $6.4 million Oregon lottery jackpot, making him the first person outside of the US to have won big in Oregon’s Megabucks lotto.

In US gambling news, an Iraqi man has won a $6.4 million Oregon lottery jackpot. He cashed in his big win on December 1st at Oregon Lottery headquarters in Salem, reports spokesman Chuck Baumann. While lotteries tend to prohibit winner anonymity, the man’s identity will be kept secret, as “He made it very clear that the amount of money he had won here would certainly put him and his family in harm’s way.”

The winner had purchased the ticket in late August through an overseas online lottery agent. Baumann believes that the agent has employees all over the world who buy lottery tickets, so that tickets for almost any lottery can be purchased remotely. That said, the Iraqi man is the first foreigner to have won the Oregon Megabucks jackpot.

Baumann confirms that the Iraqi man’s win is legal, as the Oregon Lottery has no bans on foreigners winning prizes, nor on tickets being purchased through an online agent. Says Baumann: “There are federal laws that apply to Internet gambling that don’t apply to the Oregon Lottery. We have no rules about that because we don’t sell online—the Lottery itself.”

Surprising Oregon lottery jackpot win suggests great potential of online lotto

As the above story about the overseas Oregon lottery jackpot win demonstrates, there are no US gambling laws that go against participating in and winning international lotteries online. While purchasing tickets through an online agent is always an option, there are also plenty of websites dedicated entirely to online lotto such as EuroLotto

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For those interested in learning more about EU online lotteries, we have a helpful EuroLotto review

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