Steph Curry Places Wager on NIT Game

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NBA stars make wager on whose alma mater will win tonight’s Davidson-Missouri matchup.

NBA star Stephen Curry recently agreed to a wager on tonight’s NIT basketball game between his alma mater Davidson and the University of Missouri. His opponent? Former Missouri star and NBA player Kim English. Curry made the proposition yesterday via Twitter: “we putting something on this game tonight bro?”

To which English responded: “if #Mizzou wins. You donate $400 to the Tiger Scholarship Fund and change avatar to me shooting a college jumper for 24hours.”

America’s bafflingly strict sports betting laws

American gambling laws are very strict with regards to sports betting, with the activity only being legal in a few states. A personal wager between two individuals would normally be illegal as well, although the agreement is that if Missouri wins Curry will make a charitable donation, so no money will actually change hands.

According to basketball rules Curry can only place bets on college games, not professional. An NBA being found to have placed bets on games could result in a lifetime ban from the sport, even if match-fixing and point-shaving were not involved. To bet on sports in America still carries a lot of stigma, and players face stiffer restrictions than in most other countries. For example, an English football player caught betting will only face a suspension of a few games.

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