Denver Art Museum Settles an Art Bet Related to the Super Bowl Game

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The Denver Art Museum lost its bet on the Super Bowl game and it is giving the “Broncho Buster” sculpture by Frederic Remington to the Seattle Art Museum for a three month exhibit.

This move turned into gambling news due to the fact that the Denver Art Museum was obliged to do it, after its team Denver Broncos lost the game to Seattle Seahawks 8-43.

If the situation was the opposite and Denver Broncos had won the game, the Seattle Art Museum would have to send to Denver a Japanese painted screen showing an eagle on the seashore from 1901.

Surprise for all Seahawks lovers

The admission to the museum for the opening event was free to all fans in Seahawks gear, which is another present to them after the great game and the money some of them made after betting on the match at different online sportsbooks in the USA.

Thomas Smith, director of the Denver Art Museum’s Pertie Institute of Western American Art, commented that the sculpture of a cowboy on a bucking bronco is “an icon of American Western art.” It was cast by Remington in the early 1900s from the prototype he had created in 1895.

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