Strange Voices Blamed for Zombie Poker

Psychopaths and deranged gamblers testify at Australian Parliament about the issues related to problem gambling.

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Pathological gamblers are putting the entire gambling industry in Australia under pressure. After the Australian Council of Churches went on a sermon round about the evils of playing at online casinos in Australia, the joint parliamentary committee was set up and deranged, out-of-control gamblers, interviewed.

One gambler claimed that she played at Australian poker rooms for 14 years hypnotized as a zombie, only to empty her entire savings and run into debt. As rumors say, the lady heard voices which told her to keep on going to the ATM machines to withdraw money to play more poker.

The other gambler claims to have lost a house while playing at mobile casinos in Australia, although she haven’t heard any voices, or get strange ghostly calls on her iPhone, telling her to keep on spinning a mobile slot she has become addicted to.

The questions remain. Should everyone be banned from gambling just because of a few irresponsible people who don’t qualify to be called adults? Prohibiting alcohol for everyone because of alcoholics has the same chain of logic as banning gambling.

The Australian gambling laws are still likely to be restricted as the anti-gambling campaign Down Under continues. The pressures for more gambling counseling rise, but studies indicate it doesn’t work and is only a waste of money.

As some psychiatrists agree, certain problem gamblers will seek other pastimes in their life even when banned from gambling. Certain psychotic behaviors, such as playing zombie poker, need to be treated psychologically.

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