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Posted: May 21, 2024

Updated: May 21, 2024

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There are several things we might see in a casino that go away from the everyday standards. However, the strangest gambling habits are all over the place. If you take only one attentive look around the room, you will see people dressed overly fancy, blowing wind on their dice, and even shouting with the slot machine. What is happening? We will give you some examples and explanations behind these behaviors!

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Have you ever played on a slot machine, only to be weirded out by the woman confessing her love to the dice next to you? We have! Today we are going to talk about some of the strangest gambling habits. The casinos of Las Vegas are full of strange and unusual people to meet. However, these strange things people do at the casinos connect us all. These habits often stretch back to religious or mystical habits through anthropology.

From simple beliefs to strange superstitions, people do at the fanciest casinos. If you are interested in trying gambling games online, then we recommend you register at some of the online casino sites in the US. And now, let’s discover what type of strange activities one can notice if they are not playing remote games.

Animal Magnetism – Strangest Gambling Habits

One of the first things we can notice at the Las Vegas casinos is the strange attraction to animals. Of course, we know that native americans have totemism, and there are also different superstitions about animals. We even made an article on gambling with pets. Despite all of that, we still get weirded out when we see a rabbit foot talisman at a gambler in an elegant suit. Several animal symbols are tattooed on their skin or shaped as jewelry.

These totems seek to attract luck for the owner. Keep in mind that these talismans are likely not going to attract any sort of luck for you. And knowing this is why we find it strange when people believe that the spirit of animals may bring fortune to their side at the table. If you prefer to just chill at your home and play online games instead, then we highly recommend you register at Ignition Casino.

totem of luck

Lucky Laundry

The aforementioned talismans might fade away among some of the strangest gambling habits. Just think about it, we are in a rather large room, full of hedonistic things. Someone is smoking a cigar, another person is drinking tequila, and others play poker. Yet, everyone looks like they are about to have a job interview. It is not only social ethics that dictate an elegant look. And not even the fact that people want to live up to the best casino dress codes.

Simply, there is a superstition that by wearing your clothes unfit, you are going to attract negative fortune. Most gamblers want to look as clean and well-put-together as they can. Not only because gambling has a social aspect, but for those who look serious, lady luck will make business. Or at least, that’s what most gamblers believe in.

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Animism – Strangest Gambling Habits

No, this is not about animals! According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, animism is a phenomenon that is a religious residue in modern humans. Back in the ancient world, humans saw things differently, with greater pattern recognition working in the brain. Have you ever seen a car’s front? It often looks like a face, and that is exactly animism in the works. Thanks to this trait in humans, we tend to not only recognize face patterns but to believe that objects have a soul.

This is why most gamblers are kissing their dice, or even blowing the breath of life on it. Exactly the reason why some unpleasant gamblers beat up the slot machine, and why they are holding the betting slip with a tight grip. Essentially, humans tend to act as if objects have feelings and intentions, despite being mere objects.

blowing on the dice

Breaking The Bad Luck

This is among some of the strangest gambling habits. Have you ever seen a nice guy at the casino, who suddenly started to do rather weird, or even rude things? Well, this is not just a mood swing. According to Reddit, many people are trying to find ways of acting out of bad luck. They believe that luck and misfortune are cyclical. When they feel like they are in the bad-luck cycle, these people start to do things that may be considered unlucky. Intentionally spilling their drinks, or saying something that might ruin social interactions.

Essentially, they believe that by acting, karma or luck are going to sort of “register” their bad outcome, and soon they are going to circle into their lucky era. We believe that this is a phenomenon that happens when an otherwise smart person gets a little superstitious or religious. Soon they wish to experiment with how the cosmic energies work.

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Playing For Reputation – Strangest Gambling Habits

Another thing we may notice people doing is getting a local reputation at the loss of winning. Sometimes they win, but only to apply fair play, they allow their opponent to call for a double or nothing. Sometimes, they spend their whole winnings on buying everyone a round. According to Swagger Magazinethere are huge benefits of networking in a casino. Let’s be true to ourselves, casinos are expensive, and only those who can afford it go there.

Thus, they are all connected by their love for money and luxury. No matter if it is for job opportunities at the casino, invitations to elite poker circles, or just for getting your name known. Doing this is going to open many opportunities in your life. Thus, this is among some habits we fully understand and prefer over a non-conversational experience.

superstitious gamblers

Esoteric Practices

Finally, we have those who are partaking in esoteric practices. The gambling tarot reading is one of them. Essentially, some people love to follow their zodiac, a tarot reading, or potentially a set of numbers and missions. These superstitious people often make the strangest gambling habits. They can go from wearing the jewelry representing fortune for their zodiac to even asking for an on-spot tarot reading if it is available.

However, such things in a casino wouldn’t be bad at all. Imagine the positive energies in the room when people play after they just had a tarot card reading in the corner. We find these people pretty amazing and interesting unless the superstitions are a little overdone. Giving a theme for your life is not bad, but still, play gambling games with responsibility. If you just wish to play online, register at Ignition Casino.

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