Here are the Top 4 Strangest Sports You Can Bet on

Posted: January 4, 2017

Updated: November 8, 2019

  • Badminton betting, are you serious?
  • You can even place a bet on rowing...

Bet on Equestrian

Betting on horse races makes total sense. The races are fast paced, exciting, and you never really know who will win. Betting on equestrian, however, seems a bit strange. In fact, many people around the world probably don’t even know what equestrian is.

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Equestrian is without a doubt one of the weirdest sports you can bet on (photo:

Essentially, it’s horse riding. Not racing, riding. There are a number of different Equestrian events, but often times it’s judged based on how well a rider can gallop around on his or her horse. Sometimes they jump over bars, other times they simply strut around.

There’s no question that it takes years of practice for both the horse and rider to get proficient, but it’s without a doubt one of the strangest sports you can bet on today. With that being said, 1xBet Sportsbook offers Equestrian betting odds, and many players enjoy betting on it.

Bet on Badminton

Badminton is an extremely exciting sport. It’s incredible how good some of the top players in the world are at hitting that little shuttlecock across the net. With that being said, it’s one of the strangest sports you can bet on. I mean, who gets around with their friends to watch a badminton game?

It’s true that in many countries Badminton is an extremely popular game, and is likely featured on major sport channels, but it still seems like an usual sport to wager on. The Olympics first added badminton as a game in 1992, and since that time it’s been mostly dominated by the Chinese, with 41 medals in total.

If you want to bet on badminton, 1xBet Sportsbook might be the only online sportsbooks site in the UK that offers betting lines. They offer betting lines for all the major badminton matches, and allow players to bet on what the score will end as, and over and under betting odds. It’s likely that some Chinese gambling sites offer badminton lines as well, but in the UK, 1xBet Sportsbook might be your only option.

Bet on Rowing

Yes, the sports keep on getting more obscure. Right now, fans of online sports betting can bet on rowing. There are actually a number of major rowing events that punters can wager on, including the 2017 Rowing World Cup which is scheduled to begin in May.

strangest sports you can bet on online sportsbooks weirdest betting markets weird bets online sportsbooks 1xBET GamingZion online gamblingrowing betting odds

Betting on rowing events actually looks like a lot of fun (photo:

In some sense, betting on rowing actually makes a lot of sense. It is a race after all, and could be exciting to watch. Nonetheless, it’s one of the strangest sports you can bet on.

Unlike some fringe sports, there is no one country that dominates the competition. Over the past five years, teams from 8 different countries have been named rowing world cup champions. The UK has a storied history in the sport, and is generally considered one of the top countries that competes.

Bet on Professional Wrestling

Did you know you can bet on professional wrestling? Many people don’t. It doesn’t make a lot of sense when you consider the fact that the matches are pre-determined. Still, 1xBet Sportsbook offers WWE betting lines, and a number of wrestling fans actually love to wager money on this “sport.”

The WWE puts on multiple events ever single week, and most of these smaller shows are impossible to bet money on. Many of the PPV events, however, are available to bet on. Right now, members of 1xBet Sportsbook can bet on the upcoming Royal Rumble. The Undertaker already made UK gambling news by leading the betting lines to win with odds of 2/1.

Betting on professional wrestling might not make much sense. However, it’s possible with many fans of the sport. In addition, it could be a fun way to kill some time and throw down some money.

What do you think are the strangest sports to bet on? Was it one that we listed? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out 1xBet Sportsbook for a full list of strange sport betting lines.

If you are interested in the newest unusual sports to bet on, don’t hesitate to check out our list!

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