Successful year on UK rich list for people who made money in gambling


Posted: April 27, 2016

Updated: April 27, 2016

On UK rich list, people who made money in gambling include the founders of Bet365, Pokerstars, and Bwin.

The Sunday Times Rich List, compiling the top 1000 richest individuals or families who live and work in the UK was released on Sunday 24th April. It has made gambling news thanks to the inclusion of many people who made money in gambling. We compile the richest gambling businessmen:

24: Denise, John and Peter Coates (£3,765m)

Of all gambling companies on UK rich list, the owners of Bet365 had the most impressive year, with a rise in fortunes of £1,415m. The Sunday Times reveals that Denise Coates “has become Britain’s richest self-made woman”, after she transformed a small chain of betting stores into the largest online gambling company in the world. Profits in 2014-15 almost doubled, reaching more than £400m.

Denise and her brother John are joint Chief executives, while her father Peter owns Stoke City Football Club. After deciding to become an online sportsbook in 2000, the family have risen to become the richest people who made money in gambling in the United Kingdom.

38: Mark Scheinberg (£2,870m)

pokerstars founder

PokerStars’ founder Mark Scheinberg (Phto: Forbes)

Mark Scheinberg, the founder of PokerStars is Israeli-Canadian, but is based on the Isle of Man. Pokerstars was founded in Costa Rica, and was sold to Amaya, the Canadian company, in 2014 for £3.3bn. The Sunday Times report that he is considering a return to the online gambling business.

82: Fred and Peter Done (£1,300m)

As well as owning online sportsbooks in the UK, Betfred, the Done brothers control something of a business empire. Their listing on the rich list reveals they invest in “insurance, sports promotion and a restaurant, while Fred is building a property empire”.

160: Ruth Parasol and Family (£720m)

Partygaming founder

Ruth Parasol (Photo: Times)

The Parasol family, American but based in UK territory Gibraltar, recently sold Bwin Party Digital Entertainment to GVC for £1.1bn. Their company was the creation of a merger between Partygaming, which they founded, and Bwin, the online sportsbook in Australia.

193: Michael Tabor (£625m)

Tabor, born in London, owns BetVictor, after buying out Victor Chandler’s 45% stake in 2014. The online sportsbook was founded by Chandler’s grandfather in 1946, but has been based in Gibralatar since 1999.

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