Summer Olympics – Odds and Predictions on Medals

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Summer Olympics Odds and Predictions
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The sporting event of the year is getting closer every day! Of course, there was the Super Bowl, there was the UEFA Euro 2020, and several other celebrated sports events. However, the king of these happenings is definitely the Olympics! And this year’s games are more special than ever, and not less exciting. So, let us see some odds and predictions on the upcoming Summer Olympics.

The Olympic games are something that has been moving the entire developed world for the last several decades – and even more. People are always cheering for their national teams and single athletes, the business is constantly watching out for the new talents. And there are those gamblers, who are looking forward to making some bets! Betting on the Olympics is not really about supporting your nation. It is more about getting knowledge on the different game types. It is about diving into the history and the skills of each athlete to find the most probable ones to bet on. But we understand if you need some help with that. This is where online gambling news sites in the US get in the picture. And you can also keep on reading to see some odds and predictions on the Summer Olympics!

Tokyo 2020

So, why are this year’s games so special? And when and where exactly this game is taking place? What is going on with Tokyo 2020 in 2021? Here are the answers to all your questions concerning the games! According to Wikipedia, “the 2020 Summer Olympics are branded as Tokyo 2020. It is an upcoming international multi-sport event scheduled to be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Originally scheduled to take place from 24 July to 9 August 2020, the event was postponed in March 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be held largely behind closed doors with no public spectators permitted under the state of emergency. Despite being rescheduled for 2021, the event retains the Tokyo 2020 name for marketing and branding purposes.” And now, let us dive into odds and predictions on the Summer Olympics!

Summer Olympics Odds and Predictions
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Summer Olympics odds and predictions

It is no surprise that all online sportsbook sites in the US have odds on the upcoming Tokyo 2020. Of course, no bookmaker could look over the biggest sports event in the world! That triggers odds on and predictions on several different aspects of the Summer Olympics 2021. You can bet on the different events. Like, who will be the best athlete in discus throw? Which team will be the best in water polo? Or in handball? Your possibilities are basically infinite. But there are more special bets. For instance, you can guess if LeBron James will play in the US Men’s National Basketball Team or he will not – just to mention one. But also, if you check out Marathonbet, you can see other odds and predictions – especially on the number of medals each country could win!

Bet on Tokyo 2020!

So, if you would like to place some bets, go visit Marathonbet! You can see, that you can bet on the countries winning the most medals during the games. As for now, the US has the most chance to win most, as they are with odds of 1.083. The second frontrunner is already pretty much left behind. It is China, with an odds of 6.80. And the next one is also quite far from them: it is the hosting country, Japan, with odds of 23.00. Also, there is Russia with odds of 29.00 and Great Britain with odds of 30.00. The rest of the countries are all above odds of a 100, so it is not really worth listing all of them.

However, you could already get some opinions on the topic! You can also bet on the total gold medals each country could win, which is a much riskier game, but also more exciting! So: check the odds out on Marathonbet!

You can discover more about Marathonbet here.

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