Swedish Online Casinos Help Residents Forget Their Woes

Outdated and boring Swedish lottery repels gamblers. Thousands of Swedes flock to online casinos for bigger winning jackpots.

mobile casinos in Sweden

No wonder the Swedish gambling laws are forcing local players to run away from the state monopoly and instead to play in various foreign based online casino in Sweden. The state licensed establishment offers some lame betting opportunities.

According to online gambling news in Sweden, one Swedish man paid for an expensive $5 ticket and won a major jackpot, as seen by Swedish standards, of around $350,000. After paying taxes, the man claimed that with the money he will….fix his bike so he can ride it during summer.

For remaining spare change the winner will attempt to buy a motorboat to pursue fishing while, as rumored, playing mobile slots, hoping to score real casino money, not a petty state handout.

The lottery market in Sweden is controlled by a single state-licensed operator. The games are boring with an outdated technology, especially as compared to such technical marvels as Android casinos offering gamblers ways to play online slots, video poker, and blackjack among others.

Luckily for the Swedish gamblers these are not controlled by the state monopoly and, in fact, are readily accessible to casino players in Sweden as the European Union directives prescribe.

In fact, EU countries attempting to protect their markets from other EU-based online casinos and sportsbooks, were recently reprimanded by the EU Court of Justice.

Sweden is a modern country with access to the best mobile and online technology. As the online games grow in sophistication, the Swedes will increasingly abandon their so-twentieth-century state lottery.

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