Iowa and Utah Stand Against Legal Online Gambling

Latest developments in USA see Utah and Iowa states standing strong against legalization of online gambling

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Stephen Sandsrom, Utah Representative, and his bill HB108, which is looking to maintain a total ban on online gambling in the state, even in case online casinos in United States get legalized, was moved forward to the Senate with a House vote of 61 – 9.

The bill was introduced by the Republican Representative in the beginning of 2012. At first it seemed to end up in the trash, but managed to go through the House. The surprising advancement of the bill occurred despite various assurances from federal lawmakers that any change in American gambling laws on a federal level will include a state self-exclusion clause.

Sandstrom is currently in the run for a Congress chair, and is using the threat of federal legalization of online gambling in his campaign. He claims that any opt-out clause in the federal law can only be enacted in Utah within 60 days of the federal introduction. His bill, however, will protect the state from online gambling come what may.

He told United States gambling news: “Utah is unique, and one of the reasons we are unique is we do not have any forms of gambling that are legal.”

Iowa also seems to position itself against online gambling according to the recent state-wide poll. Despite state politicians in favor of legalized online poker in Iowa, the poll sample revealed that 69 percent of residents are against online gambling, with only 28 percent in favor and 3 percent undecided.

The latest results showcase only a small change in perception from the last poll in February 2011, where 73 percent were against online gambling.

Despite the opposition to legalization, a legislative effort is still strong. A bill passed by a Senate sub-committee could potentially allow casino operators in Iowa to legalize online poker games, which would be heavily regulated and taxed in the same way as land-based casinos.

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