Technique vs Power: How to Bet on Catterall vs Davies

Betting on the Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies bout divides bettors. Some feel Ohara’s defeat to Josh Taylor last year has exposed his weaknesses; some feel his punching power will nevertheless give him the upper hand against Catterall. Here’s our take.

Catterall vs Davies
Make the best bet on Catterall vs Davies

Davies had previously stated he would not be interested in facing Catterall because he felt he himself was “on a different level.” Later, when their fight got confirmed, he started to speak more respectfully of Catterall:

I rate him really highly as a fighter. He hasn’t got where he’s got for no reason.”

The best online betting sites in the United Kingdom suggest that Davies’ earlier assessment was off and the boxers are very much on the same level. At Unibet Sportsbook, the odds of Catterall’s victory are set at 3/4 (1.75). Davies’ win, at 11/10 (2.10), is seen as less likely, even if by only a small margin. Now, the question is: what could decide a fight that promises to be that close?

An analysis of the contestants’ fighting styles

The first thing that could potentially decide the bout is Davies’ reach advantage. Although both boxers are 5’7” tall, Davies has very long arms. Catterall is aware that Davies likes to exploit that advantage and “get range on his shots,” but is not intimidated by it. “I know I can suffocate him. I know that I’ve got the skills to beat him,” he stated in an interview. His tools would be “getting inside, fighting him close, or just nicking the timing and the distance with the feet.”

Catterall’s claim that his technique will help him out is not totally unfounded. As Dellboi’s Boxing News points out, Catterall has better technique and better footwork, “has a better understanding of keeping range,” and is arguably a better combination puncher. However, Dellboi still expects Davies to surprise online betting sites in the UK and claim victory.

The biggest problem with Catterall is that his defense is not particularly strong and he even has stages in his fights when he “switches off.Davies arguably has a greater punching power than any of his former opponents, and if Catterall exposes himself in one of those moments when he loses momentum, he could easily be caught with Davies’ infamous KO-inflicting right hand.

Why bet on Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies?

Catterall vs Davies Betting Odds

Catterall Draw Davies
3/4 22/1 11/10
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The rewards offered by Unibet Sportsbook are higher (11/10) for Davies, the fighter whom pundits see as more likely to win. It is no wonder that betting on the Jack Catterall vs Ohara Davies bout is popular among gambling enthusiasts.

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