Tempting Odds On The Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase

Musselburgh 2017 odds

Saturday 14:05 Musselburgh

• Wellforth – 100/1
• Proud Gamble – 100/1
• Mister Don – 50/1
• Present Lodger – 20/1
• Beeves – 20/1
• Full Jack – 16/1
• Jet Master – 16/1
• Sun Cloud – 16/1
• Federici – 16/1
• Valleyofmilan – 16/1

The eyes of the world might well be focused on the Super Bowl, if only so it doesn’t have to look at Donald Trump anymore, however there’s some great racing on the cards this weekend and we take a look at the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase running at Musselburgh on Saturday at five past two and see just which of them is likely to be making the UK gambling news headlines on Sunday morning.

Sandwiched between the North Sea and the myriad of golf courses that service the Scots capital the Musselburgh racecourse is the second largest track in Scotland (Ayr being premier, naturally). Laid out in 1816 the track is 2Km long and hosts both flat and National Hunt racing, although racing at the location dates back to 1777 and the Royal Caledonian Hunt, many of whom would approve of the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase which hits the course this Saturday at five past two local.

With the weather due to be slightly damp out there the going should be quite soft and there’s always a chance that the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase might be a heavy hoofed affair and that always throws the predictions off a touch, so those odds at Bet365 could well be worth exploring if you’re apt to place a bet on sports in the UK. But just who are the runners and riders and which look likely to take a win of the day regardless of what the British weather can throw at them?

Bet On Great Racing From Scotland This Weekend

These days optimism is in short supply, the world seemingly wholly against it, however if you’re still in possession of some there’s Wellforth at 100/1 with the somewhat dubiously named Proud Gamble at the same odds, which become all the more distant when the next horse along, Mister Don, gets 50/1 and still seems the sort of long shot only a terminal lunatic or military sniper would consider feasible. Backing any of these to win the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase is simply insane frankly.

Sitting around the 20/1 mark are Beeves, who could well be someone’s butler (“We’ll have tea on the lawn, Beeves” “Very good, m’lady.”) and Present Lodger the euphemistic implications of which are too ghastly to contemplate. Full Jack and Jet Master, who might else where be comic strip heroes, are in the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase, just 16/1 shots, along with the irritatingly spaceless Valleyofmilan, the dichotomy of Sun Cloud, and the unfortunately rather bland Federici.

Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase Odds Available At……er…..Bet365

Saturday 14:05 Musselburgh

• Azure Fly – 12/1
• Dare To Endeavour – 10/1
• Itstimeforapint- 8/1
• Alvarado – 7/1
• Gonalston Cloud – 7/1
• Five In A Row – 7/1
• Seldom Inn – 6/1
• Dancing Shadow – 6/1
• Goodtoknow – 6/1
• Just A Par – 5/1

Azure Fly
gets a reasonable eachway temptation of 12/1 but Dare To Endeavour at 10/1 doesn’t appear as efficient a risk. Itstimeforapint might get 8/1 but it’s the gaggle of 7/1 shots that will pull in the punters to wager on the Bet365 Edinburgh National Handicap Chase. Alvarado and Gonalston Cloud, along with Five In A Row, are good solid hardcore wagers worth taking advantage of UK gambling laws for, and with the odds tightening up on Five In A Row now would be the time to hit Bet365.

At the top of the odds to win the Bet365  Edinburgh National Handicap Chase this Saturday, however there are three horses well worth looking at closely. Goodtoknow, Seldom Inn and Dancing Shadow all get 6/1 which is too short for an eachway at the best of times but on the nose they’re a great opportunity and the favorite right now, at a frankly quite delicious 5/1 is Just A Par which could be just the thing to boost your bankroll this weekend as the traditions of Musselburgh roll on into the 21st century.

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