ODI Series Washout In Napier Gives NZ Edge Over Aussies

New Zealand Chappell-Hadlee

The Black Caps tour of New Zealand continues with their battle in the Chappell-Hadlee trophy, an ODI series twixt the two region rivals, however after a narrow loss in the first game, and a rather disappointing result from the second can Australia retain the title or are the hosts worth backing at Bet365?

NZ vs Australia

• ODI Series
• Outrights
• New Zealand – 1/3
• Australia – 9/4
• Draw – 8/11

Having watched India spank England in a clean sweep of the test series, the ODIs and the T20 competition I will admit to having suffered a little cricket fatigue. There is only so often one can watch one’s team collapse, is there not? However the first result from the ODI series between New Zealand and Australia piqued my interest, the region rivals only 6 runs apart come the end. The Kiwi side had won in Auckland, but could they do the same in Napier? And were they worth a punt on Bet365?

Well going into that crucial second match Australia were just ahead in the odds getting 1.66 to the New Zealand side’s 2.2, the Aussie branch of Bet365 very patriotically feeling perhaps that the first game had fallen unluckily and that their touring side would very much strike back on Thursday. With no dog in the hunt myself (my dog having been shot and eaten by the fox) I took advantage of New Zealand gambling laws, put an apt wager on this colonial ODI series and settled back to watch that 2nd game.

Should You Visit Bet365 To Back Australia To Rein In NZ Despite The Rain?

3rd & Final Match

• Hamilton, NZ
• 5th February -10am
• Seddon Park
• Australia – 4/6
• New Zealand – 6/5

When I say settled back, I mean I stayed up. Play would commence at 2am my time but having put some money on it I was all up for seeing if the Kiwis could seal this ODI series at the earliest opportunity. Naturally when 2am eventually rolled around the coverage from the other side of the planet introduced a drizzling day, a soggy pitch, the covers on, the groundsmen tight-lipped, and no prospect of play for a few hours if at all. It looked far more like an English than New Zealand summer.

Typical. Despite the assurances from a pair of pundits who bizarrely seemed to insist play would get underway at some point whilst standing in the rain on a pitch so sodden you could have used it as a diving pool, one didn’t need to regularly bet on sports in New Zealand to recognize a washout when it was drizzled in front of your face. So much for that then, however the lack of a game does make the final match on Sunday even more epic as they move ahead in the odds to take the ODI series win.

Can NZ Defy Earlier ODI Series Odds To Win In Hamilton?

Chappell Hadlee trophy

Who’s taking it home? (Photo: Getty)

As it stands the Kiwis are now 1/3 to take a series win, the weather helping them out every bit as much as that dramatic narrow victory in the first match did, with Australia on 9/4 although perhaps the smart money will be on a draw at the 8/11 available on sites like Bet365. Keep an eye on the weather before you make that wager, you don’t want to be the the only one in New Zealand gambling news headlines will be of bright sunny weather for the ODI series finale as yet another game canceling deluge ensues.

The that ODI series completing match itself will be in Hamilton, inland for those that believe geography might hold sway on the day, and Australia are favorites to grab a win at 4/6 on sites like Bet365, although some might say that just makes the 6/5 you can get on New Zealand that little bit more attractive. They’ll be going all out to regain the Chappell-Hadlee trophy on Saturday and Australia haven’t looked comfortable enough for you to bet against them getting the job done at Seddon Park.

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