Tennis Betting Bounces Back To Britain For Wimbledon


There are still two weeks till Wimbledon but already one of the top names in the sport has dropped out with a wrist injury, but in the absence of Rafael Nadal following his left wrist giving out on him during the French Open who is likely to take the win in this mainstay tournament of the tennis calendar? Just who should you be placing your hard earned cash behind if you’re going partake in some Tennis betting?

This Wimbledon you can watch the tennis betting on anyone you like, but unless their name is Djokovic what’s the point? Wimbledon is a traditional part of the English summer. The inevitable queues outside for tickets, people camped out on the pavements days in advance, the horrendous price of the associated strawberries-and-cream, and the complete failure of anyone British to do very well at all. Of course Andy Murray ruined that tradition by winning Wimbledon in 2013, and there has been the constant nagging worry that he might do it again. Nothing spoils Wimbledon worse than a Brit winning. Well, except Cliff Richard singing during the inevitable rain breaks.

Not that dear old Cliff is likely to be too quick to stand and sing this year, with all the allegations swirling in the press about his private life he may feel it wiser not to make a spectacle of himself leading the drenched masses in song. Another tradition gone. Of course whilst the ambiance and atmosphere of the Lawn Tennis Championships are awfully British and one can always get a nice (if outrageously expensive) cup of tea, the real reason everyone hoves to in SW19 is the tennis betting it’ll be some of the best in the world, and it always is.

Sure, there’s something to be said for clay court play, but there’s nothing quite like the fresh clean mown grass of the All England Club, and the long history of the tournament (dating back to 1877) is a testament to the love the sport has for what is arguably its ancestral home. All players want to win this massively famous sporting event and if you enjoy having a bet on sports in the UK and will be watching the Tennis betting on the matches at Betfair then you’re in for a real treat this Summer.

Tennis Betting Made Simple At Betfair – Just Back Djokovic

Nadal had been 4/1 before his withdrawal, and if we’re wholly honest about it the reasonable odds for those of you that are going to be doing some tennis betting on this year’s Wimbledon start at around 16/1 on Milos Raonic once ranked 4th in the world. The Canadian is no easy opponent and has tripped up more than one champion in his time, but can he do it this year? Perhaps not, but is he a superb eachway bet candidate at Betfair? He certainly is. As is the 12/1 shot Stan Wawrinka.

Murray Djokovic

Will Murray face Djokovic again at Wimbledon?

Wawrinka, you will recall, won the Australian Open in 2014, and then perhaps more dramatically won the French Open just last year, and despite losing to Andy Murray at Roland Garros this time round, it’s clear that he’s still got the skills and could surprise people on the less predictable grass courts of Wimbledon. If you insist on some Tennis betting this summer, you could do far worse than to risk a little on this being the year the man from Lausanne runs off with the trophy.

I’m gambling news that Roger Federer is garnering a neat 13/2 won’t surprise anyone, and whilst you can find 9/1 if you look for it, given his recent displays I’d say those odds were far more lip service to the great player he once was than perhaps to the player he currently seems to be. I’m not saying he won’t do extremely well, I’m just wholly unconvinced he’s going to win, and frankly I’m not sure he’s worth even an eachway bet. Watching the tennis betting Federer might win Wimbledon could ruin your summer entirely.

Andy Murray To Face Djokovic Again?

Naturally at the top of the odds tree we have the two most obvious candidates to be champions at the end of this fabulous tournament. The first is that one time winner Andy Murray whose dour off-court personality is more than made up for by his skill with a racket in his hand, although his win at Wimbledon has been a career highlight, and his recent loss in France may not have done his confidence much good as the video replay will definitely show a collapse of confidence and ability once his opponent had got the upper hand.

Betfair give Andy Murray a quite reasonable 3/1 on winning Wimbledon and if you’re in the UK gambling laws of averages must see him win it again sometime those are nice enough odds. Naturally to win it he’ll have to get by the all but unstoppable Novak Djokovic who is No.1 in the world and comes into Wimbledon fresh off yet another Grand Slam win at the French Open where he defeated, who else? Andy Murray. Do this mean Djokovic will stroll off with this famous title too this year? He’s got all the others. He only needs this and the Olympic title to get a Golden Slam a la Steffi Graf.

Djokovic gets odds of just 8/11 of winning, which is as close as the bookies are going to get to saying he’ll almost definitely win a dozen day ahead of a tournament with quite so many entrants, but no one will be surprised when the final sees Djokovic overcome whomever else gets that far. If you’re going to gamble on the tennis betting anyone else will win the most famous tournament in the world this year, you probably need to go and lie down in a dark room for a while, because this is the year of Djokovic from start to finish.

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