The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds Feature Few Peacemakers

  • Pope, Thunberg & World Health Organization Listed
  • Find All The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds At Bet365
  • Peace Prize Morphs Into A Good-Guy Reward Award
2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds
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It’s nice to think the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to those who have done most to promote peace around the world. Some of its famous winners have spent their whole lives doing just that. However, the prize itself is now slightly better known for being a pat on the back for the great and the good. Actual peacemakers are few and far between these days. The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds at online betting sites in Norway like Bet365 don’t really seem to include any this year.

There are some wonderful organizations and people nominated this year. A quick glance at the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds, however, shows few of them are actual peacemakers. Once again the prize, it seems, is an award for those with the best of intentions, if not actually very good results. This shouldn’t surprise you. Peace has always been a bit of an optional extra. Most frequently the committee awards it to people doing their best for humanity in an uncaring world.

Sure, sometimes political considerations leak in. Kissinger and Le Duc Tho got theirs for the 1973 peace accords in Vietnam. However, for the most part, it is a slap on the back for those doing their best. Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Dalai Lama are winners in that vein. The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds at Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Norway, show this year it’ll be similar. Effort rewarded more than actual peace. 

Bet365 Has All The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds You Need

The Pope turns up at 20/1 at the bet365 Sportsbook in the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds and it’s hard to see why. Yes, he does spend a lot of time going around telling people to be nice to each other. But, that’s his job. He already gets a gaff in Rome, a bulletproof car, and a big hat. Rewards enough for muttering in Latin methinks. Moon Jae-in of South Korea gets a similar price for his hard work, however, his nation is still at war with the other half of itself. So, don’t bet on the Nobel Peace Prize going to him this year.

2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds

  • Anyone Else – 25/1+
  • Alexei Navalny – 22/1
  • Reporters Without Borders – 22/1
  • Pope Francis – 20/1
  • Moon Jae-in – 20/1
  • Committee To Protect Journalists – 18/1
  • Bill Gates – 16/1
  • Black Lives Matter – 16/1
  • David Attenborough – 16/1
  • The European Union – 16/1
  • UNHCR – 14/1
  • Jacinda Ardern – 3/1
  • World Health Organization – 3/1
  • Greta Thunberg – 15/8

The Committee to Protect Journalists gets 18/1. This is lovely but it can’t actually seem to stop journalists being suppressed, jailed, or killed. And, talking of people getting suppressed, jailed and killed, Black Lives Matter get 16/1. Now, much as I laud and respect the movement and all it stands for, I don’t think they’ll win. Their 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds aside I wouldn’t suggest anyone take advantage of Norwegian gambling laws to back people rioting on the streets.

2020 Nobel Peace Prize Odds
The young Greta – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Greta Thunberg To Win The Nobel Peace Prize

Beside them in the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds, at 16/1, the European Union loiters for no readily apparent reason. They’ve won it before, so are unlikely to get it again unless they do something spectacular. Can’t see that happening. Can you? Even more baffling is David Attenborough also getting 16/1. So, the veteran activist naturalist is on par with the EU? Really? Even the UNHCR gets 14/1 and their success is more than a little questionable, to be frank.

Famous Peace Prize Winners

  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Albert Schweitzer
  • The Red Cross
  • Mother Teresa
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Barack Obama
  • Desmond Tutu
  • Aung San Suu Kyi
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Shimrom Peres
  • Malala Yousafzai

Those who regularly bet on sports in Norway will notice sites like Bet365 save their best 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds for big names. Jacinda Ardern, the darling of the politically left, gets 3/1. This is the same price as the World Health Organization garners despite their obvious failings. So, the favorite this year is thus Greta Thunberg at 15/8. The professionally truant teenage idealist an example to us all……of how to turn a global climate crisis into a personal journey.  

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We take a look at why there aren’t many peacemakers listed in the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize odds ahead of the ceremony in Oslo.

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