The Amazing Race Odds and Predictions: 2021 Australia


Posted: February 2, 2021

Updated: February 2, 2021

  • This season, the 14 teams will compete and travel within Australia, instead of across the world
  • Cowboys Brendon & Jackson pose as clear favourites to win season 5

The Australia Amazing Race is back with 14 teams racing across the nations to win a whopping AUD $250,000! This time, fans and bettors alike can get in on the action with Australia’s Season 5 The Amazing Race odds.

At this time, season 5 of The Amazing Race Australia premiers on 1 February 2021 with AUD $250,000 at stake. Although teams usually travel across the world, this season, the 14 Amazing Race Australia teams will race only within Australia. 

Presently, best friends Brendon & Jackson have the best The Amazing Race odds to win this season. Let’s see how their top chances of winning stand against the other season 5 top contenders on 22BET Sportsbook

Team Odds
Brendon & Jackson 1.40
Jaskirat & Anurag 3.50
Skye-Blue & Jake 6.00
Ashleigh & Amanda 8.00
Malaan & Tina 10.00

Best mates lead Australia’s race with favourable The Amazing Race odds 

At this time, the bookies currently foresee a win for best mates and cowboys Brendon & Jackson. Furthermore, the Cowboys are currently a shoo-in for The Amazing Race Australia 5 win according to 22BET Sportsbook

What’s more, the young dads from New South Wales have also promised to spend the winner’s prize solely on their children. If that’s not enough to convince to wager on them, then perhaps their favourable odds of winning at 1.40 will. 

Next, the Super Sikhs or Jaskirat & Anurag are second-favourites for the season 5 win on the online sportsbooks in Australia. Similarly to the Cowboys, Jaskirat & Anurag are also best mates having met at a Sikh youth camp 10 years ago. 

Now, the best mates will be looking to smash the Amazing Race Australia course with odds at 3.50. Furthermore, if the Super Sikhs win the AUD $250,000, they’ve planned to use the money to travel around the world. 

The Amazing Race odds
The amazing race map – Image via Wikimedia

Skye-Blue & Jake will be looking to put their sibling rivalry aside as they race for AUD $250,000

This season, it’s also about family as Victoria brother and sister Sky-Blue & Jake eye The Amazing Race season 5 win. Although fans will be expected some drama and sibling rivalry, Sky-Blue & Jake are likely to remain focused throughout the entire competition. 

Without a doubt, their current The Amazing Race odds reflects just that. At this time the Siblings stand a chance to make their family proud with promising odds of winning at 6.00

However, one duo that will likely bring some drama in this season’s The Amazing Race Australia is the Gold Coast Girls. Currently, the fitness influencers Ashleigh & Amanda currently have the fourth-best odds to win season 5 with odds at 8.00

Lastly, Childhood Friends Malaan & Tina complete the list of top contenders with promising odds of winning on 22BET Sportsbook. The friends will bring both beauty and brains as Malan is currently an international model studying business. 

Whilst Tina on the other him is Senior Policy Advisor according to the online sportsbook news in Australia. Fortunately, Childhood Friends Malaan & Tina have favourable odds to win this season at 10.00

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