The Betting Experts’ Tips: La Liga winner odds


Posted: April 29, 2016

Updated: April 29, 2016

La Liga Winner odds at Bet365

  • Barcelona
    @ 1.33 (1/3) 
  • Atletico Madrid
    @ 6.00 (6/1) – Best odds! 
  • Real Madrid
    @ 7.00 (6/1)

The Betting Experts’ Tips (BET) covers all the best online betting offers, odds and tips in football and sports in their weekly online betting preview. This issue discusses who will win La Liga. Let’s see the best La Liga winner odds!

With three games remaining, the three Spanish giants lead Liga, with only a point separating them. If you bet on sports in Spain this is an exciting time. Will you bet on Barcelona to finish the job, despite faltering in the past month? Perhaps Real Madrid’s resurgence has convinced you that Zidane will find a way. Or maybe Atletico’s terrific performance against Bayern Munich means you think that Simeone is God, so you’ll bet on Atleti. Let’s see what our expert think!

The BET on La Liga Winner Odds

Daniel – Okay, Barcelona went through a terrible phase in their season, losing three league games in a row, but they are over it, period. They have scored 14 goals in their last two games, beating Deportivo La Coruna 8-0 and Sporting Gijon 6-0. Luis Suarez scored as many goals in those two matches as Real Madrid and Atletico were able to produce together in the last two rounds. So, La Blaugrana are back on track and they are more than capable of beating Real Betis (A), Espanyol (H) and Granada (A) because this is what they need to do to secure their second title in a row.

Prediction: Barcelona to win La Liga for 1.33 (1/3) at Bet365

David – Remember two years ago, when Atletico Madrid knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League, then went on to win La Liga, against all odds? You should, but it’s fine if you don’t: because the exact same is happening again. Diego Simeone is the best manager in the world (even if he’s banned from the touchline), and it’s unquestionable that his side will win the next few games. Barcelona have already shown that they are bottlers, and though they’ve impressed in the past few weeks, they’ll definitely crack. And if Atleti win the next three, Real Madrid can’t catch them. Go to an online sportsbook now, and put the mortgage on it. The only question is whether Atetico can win the Champions League too, making it a historic double.

Prediction: Atletico Madrid La Liga winner odds of 6.00 (5/1) at Bet365

Bence – Seriously, is this even a real question? Real Madrid for the 33rd, obviously! After giving half season of an advantage to everyone, they are still thereabouts, coming back from over 10 points behind Barca. Who are, by the way, going to face Betis, Espanyol and Granada. Atletico are pretty solid this season, but Simeone won’t be there to support them when they need him the most. Only one minor mistake will see them out of the race. Real, however, will be able to win all the remaining games, even without the likes of Cristiano and Benzema. They did it in 2007, they can do it again! 

Prediction: Real Madrid La Liga winner odds of 7.00 (6/1) at Bet365



Barcelona Barcelona 1.33 (1/3)


Atletico Atletico 6.00 (5/1)


Real Madrid Real Madrid 7.00 (6/1)

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