The Bright Future of Mexico’s iGaming Industry has Analysts Raving

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Latin America is full of exciting emerging markets, and analysts see Mexico as the most exciting of all.

Latin America has garnered a lot of attention as a region on the rise. Demand for gambling services is constantly growing and countries like Colombia are now licensing and regulating domestic online casino industries. However, in a region full of bright stars, Mexico is undoubtedly the brightest.

A report by eMarketer estimated that the number of online gamblers in the country will increase by 118 percent by 2018, with an estimated 18 million domestic participants by then. As the country’s middle class grows there will be more money to wager at online casinos in Mexico.

Mexico could become a hub for international providers

Mexico’s status as the world’s most populous Spanish-speaking country and its membership in NAFTA make it an attractive destination for international providers and investors. It is also legal under Mexican gambling laws for online casino companies to advertise on television and radio in Mexico. Mexican gambling expert Lazcano Semano is touting the country as an ideal location for website headquarters. He points to the country’s pro-business atmosphere, cheap labor force, relative abundance of English speakers and central location.

All in all, investing in Mexico looks like one of the best bets to be found on the international casino business landscape.

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