The Dumbness of Smartphones

Fragile iPhone screens broken and replaced

Dumb defects of so-called “smart” phones – are they really worth the money?

Remember how absolutely gorgeous your phone was when you first took it out of the box? The touch of cold metal on your fingertips and the shiny new screen? All those perfectly rounded edges and that surreal glistening? Hopefully, people can recall those wonderful features, because I bet that right now, everyone has a case that covers all that refinement. Thanks to memories of our phones falling and denting. Which, probably, is a better case scenario, than when the screen cracks and basically, gone are the days of writing text messages and being able to read anything. So, we cover it up. Goodbye, glossy look.

• Smartphones break and dent too easily
• Battery life worsens with each model
• Small tricks and solutions

Phones from ten years ago, on the other hand, had the ability to fly out the window and still be intact and ready for usage. Even if they were dropped in water, as long as one had a hair dryer or the sun at hand, our panic attacks would rapidly subside. With a smartphone however (not counting waterproof ones,) water equals instant death. There are, of course, insurance packs that cover the damage done. We also know that most smartphones are not repaired, but traded for a new one and the deductible costs are still fees that we would rather not pay. So, don’t play on mobile casino gambling sites near the bathtub…

5 more percentages to go…

Sometimes, our “oh-so-smart” phones make us curse the day we decided to walk in the shop and exchange them for a ridiculous amount of money. Let us start with the biggest weakness of all. You guessed it: battery life! Why, oh why does battery life diminish with each new model? No matter which brand we’re talking about, a fully charged phone in the morning means a dwindling battery by the afternoon. And, of course, that gut-wrenching feeling we all are familiar with by now: ‘I’m not going to listen to that new playlist I uploaded yesterday because I’d rather write and send that last text before my phone completely dies on me.’

Battery low
Spending a couple of hours playing on English poker sites while listening to some music will definitely do the biggest trick of all: making those percentages decrease at an alarmingly fast pace. Remember when we measured battery life in days, even weeks? I do… but, to be completely fair, the coolest thing we were able to do with our old phones was play Snake and Space Impact. No checking mails and uploading photos on Instagram or reading gambling news… None of that, my friend. However, the functionality of our phones as actual phones is quickly diminishing: people would rather post a photo than call their buddies.

Some battery life can be saved with small tricks

It is possible to save a couple of percentages if we are careful, though. For example, watch out for all of the applications running in the background. If you are only listening to music, quit all the other programs that you don’t need, otherwise, they’ll drain your battery. You can also dim the brightness on your phone to save energy, with can be a pain when the sun is bright and shiny. Be sure to turn off Auto-Brightness, too. Opting to use WiFi, or remaining in Airplane mode also saves you a lot of bars and try to limit the usage of apps requiring GPS and location services.

So, stop taking selfies constantly people, they drain your batteries! However, if one insists on actively using their phones (what a ludicrous implication!) they should simply be prepared to buy an external charger. Also, a charger for the car. And one for work. Nevertheless, any solution for battery problems is costly. There are some pro phone cases that have chargers in them, a sound investment for people who love reliability. Alas, video streaming and mobile betting can carry on without problems and without being unable to, for instance, call one’s parents to ask how they are doing. Sorry, Batman.

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