The FA Premier League Is The Greatest Show On Earth

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We take a look at the FA Premier League to see where it came from and where it might be going in the future.

From its origins in the boardrooms of some of the most famous football clubs in the world to its current world wide audience and massive media attention, the FA Premier League has been an exemplary example of a natural progression of sport in a globalized economy. The financial burdens upon a modern team can be massive and the only way these growing costs were ever going to be met was to establish a more profitable relationship between teams and broadcasters.

The issues that had beset the Football League in the 70s and 80s left the status quo open to radical overhaul and with some false starts under their belts the top flight of English football finally took the plunge in 1992. It has been a massive success not just for the teams in terms of global marketing and financial reward, but also for the broadcaster, BSkyB who have helped make it the spectacle that it is today.

~ Football In England Before The Premier League ~

Now And Then With The FA Premier League

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Of course there was an awful lot of football that took place in the 600 years prior to the Premier League and some of it was so shockingly dangerous and rowdy that one of the first ever statements from the authorities concerning football was a royal ban, although later royals, notably Henry VIII played having his own boots made for the occasions. The public schools that codified it as a sport so they could play each other at it (prior to this they all had their own rules), probably didn\’t see the rest of football history trudging in their wake.

Through the wars and into the fifties English football built slowly with the football league expanding and consolidating, and it would be but a decade later that the English national side would hold aloft the World Cup in 1966. But as the golden age of English football died away the 70s and 80s saw a decline in the game that only radical change was ever going to address, and radical change was what the Premier League provided.

~ Tradition Of Betting On English Football ~

The English love their football and are also quite fond of a flutter so it should come as not surprise to anyone that they combined the two almost immediately. The plethora of bookmakers offered a myriad of bets but there were two ways to bet on sports in the UK that were more popular than the rest. These speak much to the English character in that they remained technically non-gambling games on which people just happened to be gambling.

The Football Pools and Spot-The-Ball competitions were some of the most popular low-stakes-high-payout gambling games in the world with at one time 10,000,000 people every week entering the Pools in hope of getting that big win. Both of these very traditional manners of wagering on football are available at online gambling sites in the UK even today.

~ The Premier League Was A Gamble ~

The teams took a massive risk by resigning from the football league en-mass, it could all so easily have gone wrong. Fans could have been alienated, costs could have spiraled, the necessary technology for broadcast viewing might not have caught on, but all these quite likely issues were entirely avoided by what has been a very slick marketing and business strategy that has brought in viewers and investment from around the world.

The FA Premier League has dragged English football out of the 20th Century by its throat and hauled it kicking and screaming into the new millennium where a global audience means a global market and a global market means profitability. You are as likely to see a Manchester United shirt adorning someone in Vietnam as you are to see someone actually in Manchester wearing one, as their promotion of themselves as a brand continue to gain them market share.

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