The Indian 4x400m Relay Team Bets They Can Surprise Everyone

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With their nation not particularly well known for its athletics the Indian 4x400m Relay Team hope to change all that by surprising the big names in this Olympic mainstay at Rio 2016, but are they worth backing at Bet365? We take a look.

The first track relay in Olympic history occurred at London 1908 when the somewhat bizarre Medley Relay took place over a distance of some 1600m. This involved a mixture of two legs over just 200m to begin with, then another leg over 400m and a final stretch of 800m to the finish, and perhaps if only for the organizers it is no wonder at Stockholm 1912 the event of uniform legs that we know today was introduced and at Rio 2016 the big question is can the Indian 4×400 relay team surprise them all?

As the Indian 4x400m relay team know only too well the principle is simple enough. Each athlete runs 400m carrying a baton that must be passed between them, the practice however is often drama laden as the coordination required to get a good time is frequently just teetering on the edge of disaster. Timing of the hand over is particularly finely balanced and has been apt to produce Olympic calamity, which means if you’re Indian gambling laws of sporting happenstance may go your way, you may be right.

The Indian 4x400m Relay Team Third Fastest In The World In 2016 So Far

Indian 4x400m Relay Team

  • Muhammad Anas
  • Ayyasamy Dharun
  • Lalit Mathur
  • Kunhu Muhammed
  • Mohan Kumar Raja
  • Arokia Rajiv

The rise of Indian Athletics has long been overdue, and in the last few years the green shoots of successive competition have been developing across numerous disciplines with the 4x400m being one of them. Indeed the Indian 4x400m relay team goes into the Olympics ranked 13th in the world despite a rather tasty time of 3:00.91 just this year, the third fastest of 2016 so far after the Louisiana State University squad and the United States U23 team who put in 3:00.38 and 3:00.89 respectively.

With so much pressure on the big name teams from the United States, the Bahamas and others like Trinidad & Tobago there’s every chance that the blue-line marked box of hand over could just let slip a chance for the speedy Indian 4×400 relay team to snatch a medal. Even without anything befalling their rivals you have to say they’ve a good chance to grab a bronze on their current performances and if you like to bet on sports in India this could well be a nice little earner at Bet365 or the like online.

Indian Athletes

Muhammad Anas will be a key team member for India during the 4×400 meter race (photo:

Bet365 Give India Just 200/1 To Take Gold In The 4x400m

Rio 2016 Men’s 4x400m

  • USA-1/8
  • Trinidad & Tobago-17/2
  • Jamaica-16/1
  • Great Britian
  • Bahamas
  • India

Certainly at 200/1 you’d have to be a little overly enthusiastic to think that the Indian 4x400m relay team could grab the gold at Rio 2016, but knock that down to an each-way proposition and you’re looking at quite the temptation. The event spans the weekend and you can bet Mohammad Anas, Ayyasamy Dharun, Lalit Mathur, Kunhu Muhammed, Mohan Kurmar Raja and Arokia Rajiv are chomping at the bit to get out on the track and work a small Olympic miracle over the big names.

The US are favorites to win the gold, Bet365 has them at just 1/8 to stroll it, but Trinidad & Tobago are at an attractive 17/2, Jamaica and Great Britain are on 16/1 and the Bahamas, who’ve looked a bit down in the mouth this year, are back on 28/1. Just who’ll take the medals will depend on their teamwork and timing as much as it will on their brute speed off the line, and perhaps, at just their 3rd qualification for the Olympics the Indian 4x400m relay team are hoping it’ll be third time lucky and that Indian gambling news sites will be talking of their success against the bookie’s odds on Monday next.

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