The Jump 2016 Contestants Are A Novelty Wager Dream Come True

The Jump 2016 Contestants Odds Bet365

The idea of throwing D-list celebrities off a cliff is hardly an original one, but only Channel 4 could make it into a reality television show, and if you don’t want to bet on sports in the UK but wouldn’t mind the sort of novelty bet that puts a smile on your face as some deserving attention seeker gets hurt, this may well be the competition for you.

The Jump 2016

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Kicking off this Sunday for another series is the Channel 4 show in which typically people with a listing in Who’s Nobody compete in winter sporting events live before the cameras with all the excitement of an online lottery in Saudi Arabia to see who should be the next one executed, however they’ve reworked the format this year and thanks to Bet365 you can bet on who’ll soar through the skies and who’ll plummet like a sack full of excrement making it far more fun to watch.

The Jump 2016 contestants face some new challenges from those in previous series joining those deemed worth keeping by the producers, so there are seven disciplines in all, that (on paper at least) provide some hint at possible danger despite this not being wholly borne out by the reality one sees on the screen.

So what do The Jump 2016 contestants actually have to do? Well first there’s the Skeleton, which is just sliding on your stomach, Snow Cross which is new and a bit modern, involving snow skates rather than skies and is a sort of rally special stage for idiots in lycra.

The Jump 2016 Contestants Face New Events

The Parallel Slalom is unlikely to have The Jump 2016 contestants colliding with each other, although we can but hope, and the Moguls will be sadly just mere bumps in a slope providing very little in the way of a possible death toll. Ski Cross seems like they’re repeating themselves, and they probably will be and if you’re in the UK gambling laws of producing wouldn’t see such laziness, think again.

The Air Jump
is the next competition with each of The Jump 2016 contestants attempting to gain more altitude than the others, with the final Ski Jump back once again as the headline act, this time on a new bespoke slope which, as usual, will be watched over by the ever gurning Davina McCall.

So who are the dozen contestants in pursuit of the Cowbell Trophy? And which of them should you back at Bet365? Well if you’ve heard of Louisa Lytton, Sid Owen or Tina Hobley you pay far more attention to British soap operas than I do, all of them hailing from one or another (they’re all but interchangeable frankly).

Then there’s Tamara Beckwith who is a humanoid Muppet television presenter, James Argent and Mark Francis both of whom are only known at all for being on other reality television shows and Brian McFadden who is from Westlife (for which he has my sincerest condolences) oh yes and there’s Sarah Harding formerly of Girls Aloud. Oh dear.

Back Beth To Beat Brian At Bet365

Thus far then, The Jump 2016 contestants are shaping up to be about as memorable as the last series was, but wait, it gets more interesting, first with the presence of Dean Cain, who even I remember was Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark, making you cringe at the links you just know Davina will insist on using each time he competes, and with him comes a trio of former athletes just to keep things from descending into pantomime like farce.

 Linford Christie

Linford Christie (Photo: The Mirror)

The most famous of The Jump 2016 contestants is Linford Christie, a British athletics legend who at 55 has sense of humor enough to take part, and is probably going to be trying to prove something to someone whatever he actually says on camera. He’s joined by Beth Tweddle who sounds like an Alice in Wonderland character but was actually a British Olympic gymnast, and alongside her will be Rebecca Adlington, a gold medalist Swimmer. 

Rebecca Adlington - The Jump 2016

Rebecca Adlington (Photo: Nottingham Post)

Just how any of the “Celebs” are supposed to beat three actual sportsmen is a little beyond me, to some extent the bookies agree with me, Bet365 has Beth Tweddle as favorite to win on 5/1 which may be a good bet to get on early, although I’m gambling news of Linford Christie getting just 12/1 might just bring out the punter in some who remember his glory days. My favorite of The Jump 2016 contestants will probably be Dean Cain who gets 11/2 but Brian from Westlife at 8/1 is a novelty bet for any fan.

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