The Most Common Bookmakers’ Mistakes: How to Spot

  • It's common for bettors to make errors when betting on sports
  • But bookmakers are likewise prone to errors
  • So what are the most common bookmakers' mistakes?
The Most Common Bookmakers' Mistakes

Although bookmakers have some of the sharpest sports betting minds and analytical tools, they still make errors and do so repeatedly. What are the most common bookmakers’ mistakes? How to spot and take advantage of them? All of this and even more in today’s betting guide.

While it’s common for bettors to make mistakes, you might be surprised to find out that bookies also make errors. Bookmakers often make mistakes in the pre-match and live lines. Of course, qualified personnel works in such organizations, but these are still people. Some of them are newcomers. In this article, we will discuss the most common bookmakers’ mistakes. And also is it possible for bettors to take advantage of it? But before diving into this article, check out the typical sports betting mistakes. 

The Most Common Bookmakers’ Mistakes: Pre-match and Live

Bettors purposefully look for incorrectly set odds in the line. Also, they try to get ahead of the bookmakers by placing a bet on the live event. Let us consider all the typical mistakes of bookmakers and answer the question of whether gamblers can make money on this.

Errors in the line of bookmakers are not uncommon. They are because bookmakers incorrectly analyze the teams’ odds. Also when they do not take into account changes in the composition of teams and similar events. This usually happens at the beginning of the season. For instance, the club changes the coach, the latter changes tactics or the team loses strong players. And the new ones have not yet had time to “play” with each other. Some of the most common bookmakers’ mistakes are the high odds at the end of the game when they are no longer relevant. This often happens in volleyball and basketball. Also wrong pre-match odds for low-ranked matches as well as to events of exotic and unpopular sports.

The Most Common Bookmakers' Mistakes
Let’s bet!

Bookmakers’ mistakes in live – a belated or incorrect reaction to such changes during the match as a penalty kick, removal of players, substitutions of leading athletes, etc. At the same time, the lesser popularity and fame of the match becomes the reason for the greater delay in the line. This is an opportunity to make a profitable bet or even place a bet on an arbitrage situation. Another common mistake is line update issues. It is when the players have the option to place a bet on a match that has already ended. Obvious mistakes in the names of the teams, the names of the athletes, etc. are also possible to notice. You can do your practice spotting the most common bookmakers’ mistakes by checking  the 22Bet sportsbook.

Bookies’ Most Obvious Errors: Identifying Incorrect Odds

How to spot the most common bookmakers’ mistakes and use them to your advantage? Most often, errors occur in live, since bookmakers set the odds during the match. If you react faster than the office staff, you can take advantage of the situation and place a bet. Check out the list of online sportsbooks in Armenia to spot bookies’ errors.

The simplest example of making money on the inaccuracies of bookmakers:

  1. Find any game (choose a sport that you are well versed in) that is live or is about to start.
  2. Open the site of your bookmaker’s office and at the same time the site (or TV channel) where the game is live.
  3. Open the “quick bet” window, enter the amount, wait for the right moment to make a bet.
  4. Any events during the game have an impact on the growth and fall of the odds. For example, if the favorite team scores a goal, the odds for its victory change. Bettors should have time to place a bet on a more profitable coefficient if the office staff does not react quickly enough.

On the other hand, If a player thinks that he will be able to make money on bookmaker’s mistakes, then he is deeply mistaken. The bookmaker’s rules relieve them of all responsibility for line errors. In the best case, the player will receive a return with a coefficient of 1. And the worst-case scenario is that the limits are cut or the account will be blocked altogether. So these were the most common bookmakers’ mistakes.

And if you are interested in gambling, check out this article about the typical mistakes in gambling and how to avoid them. For that, you can visit online gambling sites in Armenia.

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