The Odds On Australia Vs India Pose No Small Challenge

  • Australian Test Side Chase After Cohesion & Victory 
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  • India Set To Lose Vital Virat After First Test Fixture
Odds On Australia Vs India

So, the Indian tour of Australia did not get off to the best of starts. Their back to back loses in their opening games made them a poor bet on ODI cricket. Whether they’ll fare any better at T20 is anyone’s guess. Most online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 don’t think so. Despite being one of the best sides in the world, India seem to have lost their flare with the white ball. So, the question is can you bet on India to do better over the long haul as they enter a Test series?  

So, You have to feel a little sorry for Tim Paine. He was never his nation’s first pick to lead the side. He knows that. The voices of Smith and Warner in his ear are never far away. Making the Australia Test side his own isn’t easy. Add to that the expectation of an easy win the odds on Australia vs India suggest, and he’s got a challenge on his hands. You can bet on Test cricket to throw up some surprises. He can’t guarantee success quite as easily as the back-page headline writers.

Sure, India are off their game. Their bowling attack looking lackluster to say the least. Perhaps the IPL drained some. Maybe quarantine did others. The situation is hardly ideal. However, the odds on Australia vs India indicate the bookies think the hosts will walk it. I doubt Tim Paine is as confident. No one who regularly places a bet on sports in Australia at Bet365 and the like will think it so easy. It never is. Teams failing to shine with the white ball can often be better with the red.

Grab The Best Odds On Australia Vs India At Bet365

The hosts are aware of this. They know they have an advantage. They’ve seen the odds on Australia vs India the bookies like Bet365 are touting. So, Australia are, on paper, the better side. But that doesn’t count for much once you’re at the crease facing down five days of hard play. The pressure is now squarely on them to get a result. The Australian tabloid press love that sort of thing. They like to add to that pressure. For fun. So they’ve already started tweaking at Paine.

Bet On An Exact Score

  • 2-1 Australia – 9/2
  • 3-1 Australia – 4/1
  • 4-0 Australia – 5/1
  • 2-2 Draw – 6/1
  • 3-0 Australia – 7/1
  • 2-1 India – 8/1
  • 3-1 India – 11/1
  • 3-0  India – 25/1
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Tim Paine, to warm up for the Test series, decided to play some T20 cricket for the University of Tasmania. Unfortunately, he was then promptly run out by a teenage wicket keeper in a Tasmania Premier League match having scored only a single run. Not an auspicious practice for things to come. The press, as one might imagine, have heaped this ignominy on the odds on Australia vs India on offer at online betting sites in Australia like Bet365, just to add to Paine’s worries

Odds On Australia Vs India
Can’t wait to see how this will shake out – Image source: Abhi psy pu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Paine May Face Some More Pain 

Quite a lot really. Most people will bet on Australia anyway, but there are other issues. India will lose Virat Kohli after the first test match fixture. The odds on India winning will suffer considerably at that point. If you think the odds on Australia vs India are one sided now wait till the visitors lose their captain. There is the distinct possibility they’ll go to pieces and Australia will go to town. That’s why the odds on Australia are so terribly short. 4/9 in a two horse race? 

Bet On Australia Vs India

  • India – 4/1
  • Draw – 9/2
  • Australia – 4/9

Sure there will be some people who’ll take advantage of Australian gambling laws to back India to win the Test series. 4/1 is quite attractive if they manage to hit their stride. The five-day game is far more a strategic affair. So who knows? Those odds on Australia vs India could shift dramatically after, or even during, the first Test. Test cricket odds do that. It’s what makes a bet on Test cricket so interesting. It develops over time. This time developing into India losing alas. 

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We take a look at how India not being at their best poses a little problem for Tim Paine still wrangling someone else’s Test side.

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