The Oneidas Take a Step Back from the Cayuga-owned Land

In spite of their New York state-awarded casino monopoly, the Oneidas promised not to build any tribal casinos in Cayuga County

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The Cayuga Nation get their land back, after the Oneidas decided to stand down in the battle for casino monopoly in Cayuga County

The Oneidas are all over the latest US gambling news. After being given casino monopoly over 10 New York counties, including land inhabited by the Cayuga Nation, they told the federal court that they’re prepared to give up their state-awarded rights and let their fellow native-Americans use the land as they see fit.

Even though it looks like the Oneida’s won’t be building any tribal casinos on their land, the Cayugas still asked the court for more time to check the papers and make sure that everything is in order.

In an attempt to soften the casino-related conflicts between the state and Indian tribes, New York governor Andrew Cuomo made a deal with the Oneidas earlier this year and decided to award them monopoly over a larger area that included Cayuga County. This created tensions between the two tribes, as the Cayugas made it clear that they’re not prepared to give up their land.

In preparations for the local referendum regarding new gambling laws in the US state of New York, Cuomo managed to soften the Oneida, Seneca and St. Regis Mohawk tribes’ casino related dispute, but the Cayuga Nation still doesn’t agree with the state’s plans to open more casinos.

Under these circumstances, the Oneidas’ gesture seems like a first step in ending the tensions between New York authorities and local Indian tribes.

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