The Race For The 2015 European Golden Shoe

European golden shoe

Cristiano Ronaldo leads by 3 goals against Lionel Messi at this point, but there is still 13 more games to be played, and the Argentine is clearly in better form than his rival.

Having played 25 games in Liga BBVA, Lionel Messi has scored 27 goals, while Cristiano Ronaldo has put the ball into the net no less than 30 times. This means that the Portuguese has 60 points already (1 goal – 2 points), while his greatest competitor counts 54. There is a huge gap between these two and their followers, as the third placed attacker is Kabaev who plays in the Estonian league and counts 36 points.

Even though the one from Madeira leads by 3 goals against the student of La Masia, EU gambling news states that the striker of Barcelona has at least the same chance to win the prize. Sites devoted to la liga betting agree with it as they offer almost the same odds to the Argentine’s success as to that of the Portuguese. This might be due to the fact that Barcelona have been playing superbly lately, scoring many goals, while Real Madrid have been suffering in recent times.

The controversial history of the Golden Shoe

The European Golden Shoe is awarded to the top scorer of the continent, regarding only national leagues. From the season 1996/97, the new pointing system was introduced, which graded the toughness of each tournament – the number of goals scored in any of the five strongest leagues is doubled.

After the new system was introduced, it happened only once that someone, who did not play in one of the 5 big leagues, won the reward. That was Henrik Larsson with Celtic, scoring 35 goals in the Scottish first division. In the past 7 years, only 4 different people have won the award: Suarez, Forlan, Messi and C. Ronaldo – the latter two each won 3 times. This year, online gambling sites in EU offer the best odds for betting on these two phenomenon.

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