The Return Of Gameplay Betting In Turn Of The Century Games

  • The Embryos Of Virtual Casinos Like Bet365 Played Out
  • Many Major AAA Titles Involve Gambling Mini-Games 
  • Betting In Turn Of The Century Games A Cheats Delight
Betting In Turn Of The Century Games

Many people think Hoyle Casino represented all the betting in turn of the century games. A well-animated selection of old favorites you could play at home on your PC. However, whilst this was perfect for the purists, those who today bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 and such, the gamers were also gambling. The nearly all of the big titles of the ‘noughties’ had an element of gambling to them. Especially in mini-game form, thus helping so many cheats themselves a fortune. 

Betting in turn of the century games returned from the fringe fetishists’ fiefdom. Hoyle Casino would carve out its own niche, of course, but mainstream games were also turning back to gambling. This wasn’t just as decoration, although Deus Ex did have one knocking around some sewers in Prague. Major titles incorporated gaming into their games to give them more depth, and to ease up on the difficulty. There’s nothing for making things easier like being very rich, is there?

Mini-games are still common enough in games today, typically they usually present a challenge to the player. However, create a gambling mini-game and you open up a whole new can of worms. You can trace slot development at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 back to some of these representations of betting in turn of the century games. The torch Fallout had been carrying to gambling suddenly didn’t seem so sidelined. Big worlds need big opportunities.  

Bet365 Is A Development Of Computer Game Gambling 

Betting in turn of the century games was, for many, a more-cash cheat. Simply save prior to placing a wager and if one loses, reloading from that point. The expansive worlds on offer ate up cash, so more of it just made it all a bit easier. Stumbling around the Mass Effect universe you could play Quasar, rather obviously blackjack in disguise. From our perspective, the game was dire, visually unimpressive, and the set in gloomy grey rooms, but it was still there to use.

Ken Levine

“We all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us.”

Betting In Turn Of The Century Games
Ken Levine in ’14 – Image source: Game Developers Conference / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Compare this with another big release of the decade, Bioshock. This dystopian little adventure was big on atmosphere and had gambling galore. The futurists of Rapture evidently enjoyed the slot machines that littered the city. Like Fallout before it Bioshock rewarded players for gambling, awards and achievements required it. To get 100% on the game, you had to gamble. It wasn’t any more necessary than hitting up online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, but it was there.

Betting In Turn Of The Century Games Was A Skillset

Perhaps nowhere was this more obvious, nor betting in turn of the century games more abused, than in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Then, for the time, a massive map of San Andreas allowed for all sorts of gambling. Not that the casino games nor horse races that our protagonists could play really mattered. The gamble-lose-reload-try-again-till-you-win cycle so often used by those looking for a shortcut to copious quantities of cash. This just involved quantities of gambling.

Carl Johnson

“Don’t blame me. Blame society!”

Fallout led the way but Bioshock and Grand Theft Auto has a gambling skill level as part of their core game mechanics pushed betting in turn of the century games to new heights of significance and acceptance. Indeed some of the presentational styles that these games pioneered still show up in the games of internet gambling sites today. So much so UK gambling laws have had to move into cyberspace even game designers are still having a hard time imagining.

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We take a look at how betting in turn of the century games became a required skill set for the 100% brigade and a cash cow for the cheats.

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