The Voice UK Judges Battle It Out But Which Should You Bet On?

The Voice UK Judges 2016

The Voice UK judges are a bit of a mixed bag but backing one of them to win looks a far better proposition than betting on any of the contestants.

The Voice UK Judges 
• Ricky Wilson 11/4
• Will.I.Am 11/4
• Paloma Faith 5/2
• Boy George 5/2

The BBC have announced this will be the last series of The Voice UK they air, the industry gossip being that another channel will snap up the formula for their own uses to milk just a little bit more out of this tried, tested and very successful format. However before show hops elsewhere on the remote control and the quality falls off the face of the planet as if it had been fingered for execution by the mafia, lets take a look at which of the four judges you should tempt you to take advantage of UK gambling laws and put some money on them to win The Voice UK 2016.

The Voice UK Judges

Ricky Wilson

Ricky Wilson The Voice - 2016

Ricky Wilson The Voice coach – 2016 (Photo: bbc)

Ricky Wilson, front man of the Kaiser Chiefs and braces fan, is currently probably not deemed worthy of your hard earned cash as his choices from the auditions have seemed a little random, although seeing him have wrestling moves pulled on him by contestant Chase Morton (an MMA fighter) was very entertaining, and indeed there’s probably a new format in development where we just watch the semi-famous get beaten up in development even now. Bet365 have Ricky at 11/4 to coach the winner, an offer that might not tempt too many of you for good reason, and which puts him on equal place with another of the The Voice UK judges; Will I Am.


Will.i.Am The Voice - 2016

Will.i.Am The Voice coach – 2016 (Photo: bbc)

Will I Am, a confused posing machine and fashion faux-pas, is best known for forming The Black Eyed Peas, however he decided it boosted his chances of picking a winner as one of The Voice UK judges when he recruited violinist Charley Blue on Saturday, after her rock/rap rendition of “Roll Over Beethoven”, he claimed they two would make “phat beats” together, although he didn’t mention how one gets that from a stringed instrument. Will’s odds are about the same as Ricky’s at 11/4 on Bet365 , and where Ricky is bland no one is gambling news reports of Will I Am are going to be dull, but does that mean he’s worth risking your money on? No, probably not.

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith The Voice - 2016

Paloma Faith The Voice coach – 2016 (Photo: bbc)

Paloma Faith, a definite “Sorry, who?” on the over-forties radar screen, is known (I’m told) for her retro and eccentric style, which explains the clothes, and perhaps her choosing of the manifestly old-school-esque singer Megan Reece, who appeared to be dressed like Daisy Duke on her prom night, on Saturday, but will the combination of these two be a winner?

Well the bookies, like Bet365 , have her on about 5/2 to pick the winner, and given her slightly more eclectic musical taste when compared to rest of The Voice UK judges, she could well be worth a punt.

Boy George

Boy George The Voice - 2016

Boy George The Voice coach – 2016 (Photo: bbc)

Boy George is the final of the four, having stepped in to replace Sir Tom Jones for (so reports have it) for more money than you can easily shake a stick at, and has been conducting his selection with a manifestly obvious scatter-gun approach. If you like to bet on sports in the UK, the newest game in town is working out whether the negative press coverage he’s been getting will cause him to snap before spinning around so often in his chair will do the same to his neck. Bet365 have him at 5/2 as well, although as arguably the most famous of The Voice UK judges, and seemingly casting a wide net, the chances are this is our winner, and the man you ought to back (despite the silly hats he wears).

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