Kasperi Kapanen News; Finn Now Involved In Stamping

Kasperi Kapanen U20 hockey player on post stamp

The IIHF World Junior Championship might not have garnered a massive audience where you live, but in some parts of the world this Ice Hockey tournament is the be all and end all of sports. Nowhere more so these days that in Finland where victory this year has given Kasperi Kapanen news worthiness beyond measure, and the Finnish post office is all over it.

WJC Stars On Stamps
• Kasperi Kapanen
• Miro Keskitalo
• Vili Sarijarvi

Finnish gambling laws might be a bit anachronistic, but there were thousands who took to sites like ComeOn Sportsbook to back their national side as it won through to a thrilling final against Russia and an almost orgasmic win in extra time thanks to Kasperi Kapanen, prospect for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Perhaps then we shouldn’t be surprised that the Finnish Post Office, established back in 1638, has decided to celebrate this modern day hero on a special stamp issued to commemorate the victory in the 2016 World Junior Championship, although one wonders what the stars portrayed think.

New Stamp Makes Kasperi Kapanen News Again

Only whomever told Miro Keskitalo, Vili Sarijarvi and Kasperi Kapanen news of their impending postal immortalization could possibly inform us, but lest it be said the hoopla that now surrounds these players and the rest of the team that won through against the best in the world in Helsinki, is as apt a demonstration of how important Ice Hockey is in Scandinavia as the new stamp is.

“A sheet of stamps for the Young Lions,”
Proclaims the Finnish Postal website happily, “Right now! Portrait stamps in honor of the World Junior Champions!” Which is perhaps invitation enough for the philatelists amongst us, of course when the world stops spinning these players will have to get back to the serious business of hockey again, and if you like to bet on sports in Finland you can back their every game at ComeOn! Sportsbook…… stamps required.

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