The Walking Dead: Gambler’s Edition – Aaron


Posted: June 14, 2015

Updated: March 14, 2023

Aaron is only a recent addition to the show, but we already like him. He would be the center of attention in a casino, for sure.

At first, we didn’t know who he was. He seemed like a nice enough guy, but we were suspicious of him. Especially because of the way Michonne and Rick looked at him… But, he was able to take a big old punch and STILL stay understanding and cool, so he kind of merited the trust of the team. Plus, he always kept leaving gifts like water and food for Rick’s group, which gives him extra points. It is, however, understandable that the group doesn’t trust him completely: he is a stranger who is far too nice, after all.

So, who is he? An ex-NGO worker, who currently lives in Alexandria Safe-Zone with his boyfriend, Eric. He’s was appointed to be a recruiter for Alexandria due to his winning personality and survival abilities. He seems like the type of man who would survive anything, but lacks the hardened shell that nearly everyone in Rick’s group has. Aaron is your typical people’s person. He knows how to communicate with an irritated person, he knows how to react coolly to dire situations… All while remaining a happy-go-lucky guy. Due to his personality, he would be wonderful playing in a US poker room: he would make friends with even his biggest rival.

A great judge of character

We get the sense that although Aaron has experienced loss and pain, like everyone in the zombie apocalypse, he has the amazing ability to rise above all that pain. He is capable to concentrate on the bright side of life and to never give up on anything. Or anyone. He is a community-guy; he would do anything if he sees that it would result in a positive outcome. He’s not dramatically self-sacrificing, he just wants to see everyone content and safe. That’s why he is persistent when it comes to recruiting Rick and the group. He puts himself in danger to get new people who would add to the community of Alexandria.

Aaron has a slight idea about how Rick and the group would react if he revealed himself, so he remains cautious. Although he is a great judge of character and his intuitions tell him that the group is made up of good people, he senses that they aren’t trusting towards people who they do not know. The way he “woes” them is great; although the group will never completely relax anywhere, they nevertheless give him a chance to show them Alexandria, which is a big step forward. Aaron would probably also loves playing on mobile betting sites; the action and variety of games would definitely be satisfactory for his diverse personality.

I love you even if you punch me

We get to know Aaron’s childhood and early adult life in which he has constantly been an outsider because he is openly gay. Even his own mother refused to entirely accept this fact. It goes to show just how great a personality Aaron has; even all through these negative experiences, he has stayed strong and concentrated on what’s good in people. This seems to be his superpower. And a great plus when it comes to convincing people to come join Alexandria. He acts like an ambassador for the community and his representation is spotless; he is a model of exactly what people are looking fr in a society.

He is also a person who can love deeply. Eric is a lucky guy, because Aaron would do anything to keep him safe, which is why he insists on having another recruiting partner (Daryl.) Aaron is also a nostalgic person: he collects license plates and takes photos in a way to hold on to nice memories. This aspect of him also shows us just how positive a person he is. Even when the world is falling apart all around him, he seeks to find consolation in the little things in life. Although he would enjoy mobile casino gambling, he would be the star of a poker table. He could even become a poker winner; people would be so deep in conversation with him, that they would fail to concentrate on their cards.

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