The Walking Dead: Gambler’s Edition – Glenn

Walking Dead Glenn in the prison riot gear

The ever good-hearted Glenn, in a gambling setting – should turn out funny, huh.

Glenn has been in The Walking Dead since Atlanta; he helped Rick get out of a life-threatening situation. Back then, he was a kid, a pizza-delivery boy who didn’t seem to serious. In fact, I thought he was going to be killed off towards the end of Season 1. However, he is still kicking, thank God. He has proven to be a real team player, not a lone wolf at all. Therefore, if he ever went to a luxury casino, he would go with the others. Or just take Maggie with him to show her a good time.

• Golden hearted
• Would be awful at card games
• Self-sacrificing

On the other hand, I reckon he would also love mobile betting sites, because he is good with tech and probably tired of running around each town for supplies.
Whenever the group needs something (some kind of a supply, medicine etc.) he always volunteers to “do the run.” His wife is Maggie, Hershel’s daughter. A funny caption from a website always flashes in front of me, when I think of their relationship. It said something like this: “Glenn. Using the apocalypse to date way out of his league.” Ha-ha. And, although some aspects might be true, he is a stand-up guy and would do anything for the group and Maggie.

Scavenger: level pro


A resourceful guy, the group can always count on him to help make the most of what’s at hand

Glenn has taken up the role of finding supplies: be it medicine, baby food, prenatal vitamins or the morning-after pill. We can see what a big heart he has over how concerned he was for Lori when she found out she was pregnant. She asked Glenn to go get some pills that she hoped would terminate her pregnancy, but Glenn also got some vitamins to give her a choice. He wants to take care of each member of the group and adapts very well to situations. He would never leave a man behind (this last season, when Noah died that awful, gruesome death, Glenn fought till the last breath to try and save him.)

Regarding his kid-like behavior, my favorite instance in the show was when everyone was at Hershel’s farm, and Glenn and Maggie went out for a medicine-run. They ended up having sex in the pharmacy and when they got back, Maggie’s attitude changed from hot to cold in a matter of minutes. To this, Glenn made a comment that all the women on the farm are acting funny because their cycles are aligning. But, from this inexperienced behavior, we can see his character development throughout the show. He matures and grows into an adult. As a scavenger, he would enjoy mobile casinos for their variety and vast array of games to choose from.

An emotional person

TWD Glenn hanging in well

Glenn loses his pokerface in a stressful situation

Although it is not always obvious because he tries to maintain an optimistic behavior, Glenn is greatly affected by all the losses the group experiences. He is the one who is constantly in movement and who isn’t afraid to give his life to save the ones he loves. When he and Maggie got separated, he never gave up hope that he’ll find her and that she’s alive. He has all the love in the world for her, which is refreshing if we look at all the negative things happening to the team. When it comes to the group, he is protective. Even when The Governor tortured him in Woodbury, he kept his mouth shut.

For Glenn, mobile casino gambling would be ideal, because he is too much of a team player. He is affected too much by other’s behaviors and emotions, so he would be unable to act out of selfishness at a live game. If he won, he would even feel bad and buy everyone drinks or just simply give back the money others lost. He would be way too stressed out in situations where you have to wait and observe other’s reactions. Since he wears his heart on his sleeve, he would be awful at poker or any other card games.

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