Explore The Witcher Betting Predictions Ahead of the Season 1 Premiere

  • The Witcher premieres this December
  • The bookies already have markets on the series
The Witcher betting predictions, movie betting, bet on The Witcher, online sportsbook sites in the US

Netflix is about to release The Witcher, attempting to create their version of the “Game of Thrones”. Short critical reactions to the first five episodes seemed to be quite positive, but everything else is under a strict embargo. Despite the lack of information, some bookmakers have come up with The Witcher betting predictions.

This week, Netflix finally launches its highly anticipated fantasy series The Witcher. The streaming service has made several big-budget action series with the likes of “Marco Polo”, “Daredevil”, and “The Dark Crystal”.  Yet none of them has quite captured the zeitgeist in the way that “Game of Thrones” did. HBO’s hit series was the absolute favorite with the audience and critics. It won numerous accolades and became the biggest TV series of all time. The Witcher is predicted to be the next fantasy phenomenon. As expected, online sportsbook sites in the US have launched some related betting markets.

The Witcher Betting Predictions
“The End’s Beginning” to be the shortest episode 6.40
“Four Marks” to be the shortest episode 6.40
“Before a Fall” to be the longest episode 6.40
“Much More” to be the longest episode 6.40

A quick rundown

The Witcher betting predictions, movie betting, bet on The Witcher, online sportsbook sites in the US

The upcoming American fantasy TV series will begin streaming on Netflix on December 20. The producers have already commissioned the second season. The show is based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Don’t expect a “Game of Thrones” copycat, as the source material has its flavor.

The story follows the journey of Geralt of Rivia, the titular monster hunter, also known as the White Wolf. He traverses the Continent fighting evil creatures with his horse Roach as his only companion. Soon Geralt will meet a powerful sorceress and a young princess with a dangerous secret. 

The saga spanned five books published between 2008 and 2017. Those have since been adapted into a best-selling series of video games, drastically increasing awareness of Sapkowski’s work around the world. Given the big fan base of the game and books, The Wither might be on-demand among the bettors too. Moreover, 1xBET Sportsbook oddsmakers already have some markets in pace you would not want to miss.

Should you take up on The Witcher betting predictions?

It is a high risk to bet on any TV series because the main betting lines concern the conclusion. With fantasy stories, it’s even harder to guess what can happen, due to the mystic nature of the plot. The “Game of Thrones” had been a betting hit with online gambling sites in the US, especially throughout the last three seasons.

Nevertheless, HBO’s policy of streaming shows is suspenseful with the weekly releases. The Witcher will arrive on Netflix, with all eight episodes premiering at once. That’s quite typical for the network service, which makes the betting markets short-lived.

At this point, the odds are still in place but don’t concern the plotline. The bettors should guess which episode will be the longest and which one will be the shortest. This, however, comes handier as a betting offer. The odds are even for all the episodes and value at 6.40.

It’s only eight series a season, so the first episode will probably be short to keep the viewers intrigued. Depending on the plot, any episode can be long and that is fair. On the other hand, the final two build up an intrigue and end up on a cliffhanger. Therefore, “Before a Fall” and “Much More” might be the longest episodes of the first season. That is how usually shows end when they are getting another season. If you intend to give a shot to The Witcher betting predictions, check also our latest review about 1XBET Sportsbook.

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