These are the 2022 Billboard Music Awards Predictions

  • The Billboard Music Awards will be hosted on the 16th of May, 2022.
  • It'll be placed at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
  • There are many categories you can bet on.
2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions

Are you excited about the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions? Well, you better be! This year was amazing for the music industry. So it’s an exciting award show for anyone who loves music, but for gamblers too. And in case you are a gambler and someone who is into music, it’s a jackpot for you! either way, it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. There are many big names you can bet on and various categories. Are you ready for the predictions and odds? Keep on reading!

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What are the Billboard Music Awards? 

When it comes to the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions you need to be clear with the Award show. What are the Billboard Music Awards? Well if you are into music you know already you can skip this part, but let us tell more about it for the newbies! 

The Billboard Awards are an annual award given out through Billboard, a music industry publication that also publishes a popularity chart. Excluding the period 2006 through 2010, the Billboard Music Awards were held yearly since 1990. Previously, the event was held in December, but it has been held in May since its return in 2011. So it’s one of the biggest award shows in the music industry. There are a lot of categories you can bet on, and in this article, we’ll cover the top of them. 

2022 Billboard Music Awards Odds: Top Artist 

Being one of the most impart awards you should check out the odds if you plan to make some bets at online gambling sites in the USThey are giving out awards for the top artist each year since 1993. Right now Taylor Swift has the most nominations for the category. Amazingly she has been nominated seven times in the category. What1s more you can even see her name in this year’s nominations too. To give you a hint of how important this category is let us tell you only six artists were able to get the award twice. They are 50Cent, Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele, Usher, and Destiny’s Child. 

Olivia Rodrigo 

Seeing Olivia Rodrigo as a nominee and even as the nominee with the highest odds is no surprise. The young singer made an amazing entrance into the music industry and since then she thrives and achieves more and more.

According to 22BET Sportsbook, her odds are at 1.8 which is right now the highest in the category. What’s more, she is nominated in various categories, and in most of them, she is the frontrunner. Also don’t forget how she thrived at the Grammys, which is a hint she’ll get many wards at this gala too. So if you are looking for someone with absolutely good odds, put your bet on her in any category. 

The Weeknd 

Next on the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions as Top Artist, we have the Weeknd. Formally known as Abel Makkonen Tesfaye the Canadian singer has some really good odds. With his winning odds at 2.00, he is right behind Olivia Rodrigo. Do you think he can win? Well, take a look at his music career in 2021 and 22. Tesfaye’s second greatest hits collection, The Highlights, was published on February 5, 2021. Tesfaye’s highest-charting compilation album and the strongest first-week launch for the greatest hits after “Fully Loaded: God’s Country” opened at the second position on the US Billboard 200.

Then not long after that headlined the Super Bowl LX halftime show. With that, he was the first Canadian to do so. We got a mixtape called “The Ballons” from him and that was only the first half of 2021. What made his year even better was his fifth studio album. He released “Dawn FM” at the beginning of January 2022 and it was a big hit too. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. What’s more, With twenty-four tracks on the Billboard Global 200, he also set a new record for the most continuous entries by a male solo artist.

Doja Cat 

Doja Cat is one of the greatest artists of her generation. If you are familiar with TikTok you know that nearly 50% of the songs there are by Doja. Well, that might not be entirely true but TikTok sure loves her and her music. And with winning odds at 11.00 she can easily be the Top Artist of 2022. What do you think?

She had a spectacular debut in the music industry in the year 2020. “Juicy,” which hit number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100, was her breakout single. Doja’s second studio song was recorded not long after, and it reached number nine on the Billboard 200 chart. Her celebrity grew exponentially following that. She can become a well-known and well-liked vocalist. Last year her newest album “Planet Her” was a big hit. 

Billboard Music Awards Top New Artist

Just like any other musical award shows there is a category for the best new artist. So it’s a big part of the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions. And in 2021 we were able to see many bright stars appearing in the music industry. So it’ll be a strong competition. Are you ready for the odds?

Olivia Rodrigo 

Just like for Top Artist Olivia Rodrigo is also the frontrunner for Best New Artist. Will she manage to win both of these awards, Well sure she has good odds as we told you before. What’s more, for Top New Artist her odds are at 1.1. With that, she has the highest odds in the category and no one else is even near to her. This year, the 18-year-old vocalist had a very impressive debut in the music world. Her debut song, “Driver’s License,” was released on January 8, 2021. The song was written in collaboration with Dan Nigro and was a huge hit. Furthermore, the song shattered Spotify’s record for the most song of a day twice.

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Her debut song became the number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 when it went viral, which is extremely astounding for someone that has just joined the music industry. Her following single, “Deja Vu,” was also a hit. The song entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number eight. That makes her the first artist to have two songs debut in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. So all in all he had an amazing year as an artist and she has good odds to win many of the Billboard Awards.

The Kid Laroi 

Going on with the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions we have another artist that has good odds this year. He is The Kid Laroi who made such an amazing entrance into the music industry last year. As Top New Artist on the Billboards, he has his odds at 7.00 according to 22BET Sportsbook. With that, he has a good chance to win the award.

He, like Billie Eilish, began performing on Soundcloud with rap songs he created. “14 with a Dream,” his debut EP, was released in 2018. He performed just at Listen Out Festival and the Newtown Festival in the same year. So he had a sporadic music career before breaking success in 2021. He collaborated with Miley Cyrus as well as Justin Bieber on a song. In addition, he charted in the top ten in more than a dozen nations. He’s also set a new Australian chart record. Isn’t it impressive? With his early success, he stands a good chance of winning the Billboard Award for Best New Artist.


Like the Best New Artist nominee there is someone else who seems to have quite good odds this year. The R&B singer Giveon has his odds at 12.00. So he is just right behind The Kid Laroi. His career begin around 2018-19 on SoundCloud, but he entered the music industry in 2020. That’s the year when the young artist made a big breakthrough. Evans appeared on Drake’s song “Chicago Freestyle” in February 2020, which was exclusively available on SoundCloud and YouTube. Evans’ debut EP, “Take Time”, will be published in March 2020. Giveon’s first charting release was his EP, which climbed Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums list.

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Giveon’s songs “Stuck on You” and “Like I Want You” began hitting several Billboard R&B charts in late 2020,  indicating a quick growth in the popular notice. He had his first Grammy Award nomination during this time. “Take Time” was nominated for the best R&B album in 2021 at the Grammys. So with all his achievements, he has good odds at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions.

20222 Billboard Music Awards Predictions: Best Album to Win

When it comes to the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions Best Album is one of the most popular categories. And not just popular but an important one too. So let’s take a look at this year’s nominees and all the predictions! 

Olivia Rodrigo – “Sour”

As we said before the young singer has good odds in every category she is nominated for. It’s the same with the Best Album too. If you take a quick look at any online sportsbooks in the US you’ll see what we are talking about. Olivia Rodrigo’s newest album “Sour” is the frontrunner as Best Album with odds at 1.72. 

Given that 2021 was her very first year making worldwide music, the number of prizes she has received is astounding. We can see the New Artist of the Year award from the American Music Honors, multiple MTV Video Music Awards, and even People’s Choice awards on her award list, to name a few. Furthermore, at the Grammys, she was one of the artists who got the most amount of awards. 

Her debut studio album, “Sour,” was a major hit. Rodrigo gained international popularity as the record landed at number one on the Billboard 200. Her record was the longest-reigning #1 album by a female performer, lasting five weeks. She is regarded as one of Gen Z’s finest artists, which is correct.

Morgan Wallen – “Dangerous: The Double Album”

You might just remember when he first showed up in The Voice. Well, since that he had made quite an amazing career. Being in the music industry for ten years he still has a lot of potential and in 2021 he just showed that. With his newest album debut “Dangerous: The Double Album” he made quite a hit. Morgan Wallen’s album reigned at the top of the Billboard 200. What’s more, It would spend four weeks at the top of the Canadian chart and six weeks at the top of the US chart, making it the first new country album to do so after “The Chase” by Garth Brooks’ in 1992. So all in all he is kind of the newest star of country music. What do you think? Can he win the award for Best Album? 

Also keep in mind that “Dangerous” stayed at the top of the Billboard 200 list, and Wallen’s debut album, If I Know Me, made his first appearance in the top ten. Dangerous continued at the top one on the Billboard 200 for the next several weeks, giving Wallen the most weeks at the top of the chart by a male artist after Drake’s Views in 2016. So with that achievement, Morgan Wallen has real good odds to win Best Album. At 22BET Sportsbook his odds are at 2.188.

Adele – “30” 

Adele is back and she is back for good. If you follow the music news you know that she had such a great comeback. We all remember “Rolling in the deep” and the achievements Adele had. And we all know that she was kind of inactive lately and that’s why her new album “30” was such a big hit. It was maybe one of the most anticipated albums this year and it is simply amazing. The singer once again proved to the whole world what an extraordinary voice she has. So with all that it’s not a surprise to see Adele’s name in the Best Album nominees.

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Her album premiered on November 19, 2021, and became a worldwide success, topping the charts in 24 countries. The album opened at the top on the Official Albums Chart in the United Kingdom with 261,000 copies sold, the biggest first-week sales for a female artist since Adele’s 25, which became the finest album of 2021. It was Adele’s third straight number-one album on the Billboard 200, as well as the year’s best-seller. When it comes to the 2022 Billboard Music Awards predictions we can say she has good odds. For Best Album she has her odds at 13.00 which are rather high. Do you think she can win? If you think so don’t forget to bet on her at 22BET Sportsbook.

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