These Are the Finest Golf Tournaments to Bet On

  • Golf is a great sport to bet on
  • There are several tournaments you can choose from
  • In this article, we have collected the finest golf tournaments to bet on

Golf is one of the oldest sports. Also, it has always been very popular. Right now millions of people watch it and there are many major tournaments for it. Since it’s that popular you shouldn’t be left out. Even if you don’t really like watching it, you can still bet on it. 

What’s more most of the online gambling in the US has the option to bet on golf so it’s a big plus. So, if you are ready to bet on golf games you only need to find out which one should you wager on. This is why we have collected the finest golf tournaments to bet on. These are not just the best ones but also the most exciting ones. Also, before you read our article don’t forget to check out our guide on how to bet on golf tournaments

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The Finest Golf Tournaments to Bet On: The Majors

As we start our list we must clarify there are different types of tournaments that we’ll cover in this article. The Majors are the biggest and most anticipated tournaments each year. Professionally it’s also the most important one. Also, it seems like when you are looking for something to bet on The Asteres are worth your money the most. 

Apart from the excitement of the tournament, it’s also important in a different aspect. For one there is the most money in The Majors. And secondly, the winners of the Major are technically winning a ticket to enter the other two majors in the next three years. So if you would ask a golf player which tournaments are the most important they would probably say the Majors. You can also bet them on any online gambling site in the US

The Masters

Even if you are not a golf fan you may have heard about it. The Majors are maybe the biggest golf tournament of all time. It’s one of the four major tournaments and it’s the earliest each year. 

US Open

Just like in tennis there is a US Open in golf too. It’s the second of the major right after The Masters. Although it seems like a harder one. With that usually you can’t see much action. What’s more, it’s usually popular in the US. 

British Open

If you are looking for something a bit extraordinary the British Open is for you. It’s just like the other golf Majors but it’s held in the UK, so it’s a Europen Major which makes it special. Usually, it’s one of the greatest tours of each year and thus for bettors, it’s also a favorite. The British Open is the oldest Major but at some time one of the most exciting ones. 

US PGA Championship

Last but not least we have the US PGA Championship as part of the finest golf tournaments to bet on. It’s the last of the Four Majors, thus it doesn1t have as much of popularity as the other three. That can be seen in the betting system too. People tend to have less interest to bet on the US PGA Championship.

So if you are all new to golf betting ad thinking about which one to pick, maybe the US PGA Championship shouldn’t be your first choice. 

The Finest Golf Tournaments to Bet On: PGA Tour

After the four Majors, we have the PGA tour as part of the finest golf tournaments to bet on. Even though it’s remotely smaller it’s still a big tournament for golf players. People often refer to the PGA Tour as the fifth Major. It’s prestigious and sure it has maybe the largest prize.

That is one of the main reasons why you should consider betting on the PGA Tour. As it’s one of the most exciting and most anticipated golf tournaments many people like to bet on it and there is big money in that. If you already got the feeling of how to bet on golf games it wouldn’t be any trouble for you to make the best of the PGA Tournament. 

It’s been there since 1915 and it’s held in the US. The PGA used to be in August but lately, it’s around May. So next spring don’t forget to visit  22Bet Sportsbook to put on your bets! 

The Finest Golf Tournaments to Bet On: The European Tour

Are you looking for something out of the US? The European Tour is for you! Golf is a game mostly played in the US, but it has nice popularity in Europe too. So, if you are looking for a tournament that may be a little less bet on, it’s for you!

 Even though it’s maybe the least popular one the European Tour also bears high importance. Thus, it’s a good opportunity to bet on golf games. For years there was a problem maintaining interest in the Europen Tour because the PGA seemed to have more importance.

Also because of the lower price pool naturally fewer professional players wanted to take part in it. Nowdays it seems to gain more popularity tho. A player can apply to the PGA Tour and the European as well. Although in order to keep your European Tour membership you need to take part in twelve events at least. 


All in all, these are the most prestigious and the biggest tournaments each year. We recommend you to start your golf betting career with smaller games but if you are ready don’t hesitate to bet on any of the big tournaments.

Either The Majors, the PGA Tour, or the Europen Tour is a great opportunity for sports bettors to make their money. Hopefully, this guide was helpful for you and you did get the information you needed. Also, don’t forget to visit  22Bet Sportsbook for the best golf bets and keep updated with our page as we have betting guides for all sportsgames!

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