They can make a difference: three young handball players at the Rio Olympics

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Ludovic Fabregas, Christian Dissinger and Ivan Sliskovic to be among the leading young handball players at the Rio Olympics.

• Ludovic Fabregas the new French super-class defender

• Ivan Sliskovic: the force of the Croatian attack

• Christian Dissinger: an ace in the German squad

Handball at the Rio Olympics will be certainly one of the most popular sports in the Olympic program. Unlike London in 2012, Brazil has a long handball tradition and an audience that is already enchanted by the magic of this sport. The 12 teams in the man competition will start their battels for the Olympic title on August, 7th. Among these teams there are three players that will attend their first ever Olympics. And there seems to be nothing peculiar about being a debutant on the Olympics except the fact that these three debutants, we believe will be the shining handball stars in Rio2016.

The three of them come from former Olympic champions. The three of them are playing in teams with highest chances for the Olympic title according to internet betting sites in Brazil. And the three of them are willing to prove that they belong in the crème de la crème of world handball. Their names: Ludovic Fabregas (France), Christian Dissinger (Germany) and Ivan Sliskovic (Croatia).

Ludovic Fabregas

With only 20 years he is considered to be the best defender in the French LNH. This youngster from Perpignan, is one whose name is increasingly filling the handball portals worldwide. As sites dealing with bet on sports in France recall, his position in the French national team is one which in the past was occupied by two genius world class players: Didier Dinart, one of the greatest defenders in history and Bertrand Gille, IHF world player of the year 2002.

To be a successor of these names with only 20 years already speaks something about the caliber of the player in question. And Ludovic Fabregas do has a high class. He is currently playing mainly in defense but we do not doubt that there is lots of potential in this youngster for playing in attack as well. It is up to Claude Onesta what kind of role Fabregas will have on the Olympics, but one thing is sure: the Montpellier defender will be the pillar of the French handball team at the Rio Olympics.

Ivan Sliskovic

The fast progress of the Croatian bombardier, Ivan Sliskovic is something that is out of question. From his beginnings in the international handball scene with Nexe Nasice , through the wonderful performances in the EHF Champions league in the shirt of Celje Pivovarna Lasko until the squad in the handball powerhouse Veszprem. Ivan Sliskovic is an attacker that any team would desire.

Having the opportunity to share a position with Momir Ilic in the Hungarian champion has obviously made a positive impact on the development of this youngster. As his contribution in Veszprem becomes more and more crucial, his performances in the national team also gain high importance. How successful the Croatian attack will be depends mainly on his collaboration with the experienced Duvanjak and Karadzic. A collaboration which we believe might flourish at this year tournament in handball in Rio2016.

Christian Dissinger

The German left back is one of the most talented handball players worldwide, considered to be a handball wunderkind by dozens of coaches and handball journalists after the became a junior world champion in 2011. However, frequent difficult injuries in the past prevented him for realizing his full development. As online sportsbooks in Germany note, many even thought that his career as a handball player is already finished. Yet, Alfred Gislasson thought differently. He gave him a chance in THW Kiel and the youngster proved that he can take responsibility and give performances on the highest possible level.

In the German national team he was one of the key contributors to the European title this year in Poland and many things on the upcoming Olympic will certainly depend on his sharpshooting abilities. To sum up it all: Christian Dissinger is a player that we expect to “explode” on the Rio 2016 Olympics.

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