This Week in Pictures: March 28 – April 3, 2017

Biggest news stories of the week

There was no shortage of big news stories breaking around the world last week so we take a moment to quickly review some of the most important in case you missed them.

In the UK Prime Minister Teresa May sent the communication to the President of the European Council that triggered Article 50 last week. Sir Tim Barrow the British representative to the EU handed the official document to Donald Tusk beginning a 2 year long process of disengagement that will see Britain leave and during which negotiations on cooperation and trade will be all but suspended with some European nations, particularly Germany, not wishing to make the Brexit process easy for the UK.

In Australia massive swathes of Queensland were left flooded after Cyclone Debbie made landfall between Bowen and Airlie on the coast. The area effected stretched 1,000km from this epicenter into the northern parts of New South Wales and estimates on the damage has been put at well over $AS1bn with tourism and agriculture also suffering in the aftermath as well as possible damage to the world famous Barrier Reef. The torrential rain followed almost drought like conditions in the area recently.

In Colombia mudslides in the south-west of the country claimed the lives of over 200 people with at least 44 children among the casualties. The town of Mocca was flooded with rocks and mud after exceedingly heavy rain described by the director of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit as the entire region’s expected monthly rainfall coming down all in one night. President Juan Manuel Santos said more should have been done to prevent the disaster and that large investments will be made in Mocca.

In Sports the Boat Race, an annual event between Oxford and Cambridge Universities dating back to 1829, was held last weekend with Oxford triumphing in the men’s race and Cambridge taking the women’s title. The question is which of these famous educational institutions will be able to retain their title next year? You’ll have to read our daily news pages to find out in due course, if they clear up that bomb they found, but in the meantime here’s a look at some of the stories we covered over the last week.

1. We took a look at three of the biggest golf tournaments that members of Paddy Power can bet on right now.
Golf betting

The 2017 Masters offers some great odds to cash out (photo:

2. GamingZion listed a few reasons why betting on sports online will help you become a better fan.
baseball fans

Betting on sports will give you a better understanding of the game (photo:

3. One lucky member of Royal Panda Casino managed to earn more than €161,000 playing online roulette.
winning at Royal Panda

Will you be the next to win thousands playign at Royal Panda? (photo:

4. We listed the best site for Europeans to bet on American sports, and broke down a few of the best bets available right now.
bet on the NFL inside the UK

There are some fantastic betting options for European players right now (photo:

5. One of Lionel Messi’s worst moments on the field is reflected on..

Mad Lionel Messi

Even Lionel Messi has had a few embarassing moments in his career (photo:

6. We discuss whether John Cena proposing at WrestleMania 33 could signal an end to his time in the WWE.

CEna in WWE

Could Cena’s time in the ring be coming to an end? (photo:

7. A UK gambler who won a million pounds at WinADay Casino plans to build a ski resort in the Sahara Desert.

desert skiing

This ski hill will have snow, according to the winner (photo:

Meanwhile the Council of the Isle of Wight decided to repeat the mistakes of others and asked the British public to help name one of its ferries. Following the Boaty McBoatface debacle that befell the Natural Environment Research Council the Isle of Wight should have known better but instead seem entirely surprised that the vast majority of people showing a preference want the ferry between the Isle of Wight and the English coast to be called Floaty McFloatface with a petition launched to make sure it is.

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