Three people arrested for illegal betting in Vietnam

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Three companies accepted bets way before sports betting in Vietnam became legal enterprise

The Vietnamese police has arrested three people which were suspected to be related with illegal sports betting in Vietnam worth VND9 billion (USD 39.5 million).Since January this year, as gambling news report, the Vietnamese Parliament has approved a legislation for a three year land based casino trial period and also announced more restricted regulations of the sports betting business in the country. The above mentioned arrest are just the first manifestation of the introduction of new regulative measures on the Vietnamese sports betting market.

Charges for pre-legal acceptance of bets

The police report states that Tran The Hung, Le Hong Trung and Ngo Minh An were operating with an illegal betting shops chain in the country’s Nghe An Province. The trio are accused of taking wagers on football matches in 2014, which is long before the certain forms of sports were legalized in the country, report online gambling sites in Vietnam.

The head of the Province’s financial crime department, Nguyen Xuan Thiem, reported that “these illegal bets were taken on international matches or on soccer leagues in England, France and Germany.” As online gambling sites in Singapore report, the chain is believed to have allowed more than 39,000 illegal sports bets in the past three years.

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