Three Reasons Why You Should Bet on Portugal to Win World Cup 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2016 winner

Should you bet on Portugal to win World Cup 2018? Here are the best reasons if you’re thinking about such a bet!

The World Cup is coming up this summer, which makes more and more online sportsbook news sites in Portugal extremely excited and hopeful. Of course, GamingZion is no exception either. However, our best World Cup 2018 betting prediction is not about one of the obvious candidates. We suggest you going for the underdogs. We suggest you consider wagering on Portugal to win World Cup 2008. And we will try to give you a few reasons why it could be a good bet.

1. Portugal has never won the World Cup

In the history of FIFA World Cup, Portugal has never been champions of the tournament, even though they have been among the top picks at sites in the online sportsbook directory. Yes, they have never won the trophy, not with Eusebio, and not with the Golden generation of Luis Figo and Deco either.

But the Brazilians of Europe desperately seek such a glorious victory of winning the World Cup. Winning that trophy could finally officially put Portugal among the best football nations in the whole wide world. It would be another giant achievement after the Europen Championship from 2 years ago…

2. Portugal are Euro 2016 champions

Which means that currently, Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates are the best national team in Europe. Better than Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, England and all other countries from within the continent, despite the expectations of all online sportsbook sites in Portugal and all around the world.

In fact, Portugal were superior to title-favourite and hosting nation France in the Euro 2016 final. And an experience like that might give them incredible advantage at a tournament like the upcoming one. But the team’s experience is not the last of our reasons why you should bet on Portugal to win the World Cup this year!

3. They got Cristiano Ronaldo…

The best player in the world. The best scorer in the world. The one who played a crucial role in Real Madrid’s three Champions League victories as well as Portugal’s Euro 2016 success – even though he got substituted in the first half of the final, due to an injury. The Portuguese is not having the best of his seasons so far.

Yet he did score twice when it mattered the most: in the Champions League, against PSG. When all betting sites expected Real Madrid to lose. The 5-time Ballon d’Or winner just scores whenever his team needs it the most, and abilities like that come handy when it comes to the most prestigious tournament of all time. Placing a bet on Cristiano Ronaldo to be World Cup top scorer would be a perfect wager at this point.

+1 They are better than some of the bookie-favourites…

The Portuguese Selecao is not especially popular at online sportsbook sites in Portugal. For example, if we consider the outright World Cup 2018 winner odds at Bet365 Sportsbook, we might even think that the chances for Portugal to win the World Cup are extremely limited.

The odds for Portugal to win World Cup 2018 are 26.00. Teams like England, Belgium and Argentina are considered more likely to win, at least according to Bet365 Sportsbook. The odds for England to win the World Cup are 17.00, while those for Belgium and Argentina are 13.00 and 10.00 respectively.

Which team will you pick? Who do you think will win the World Cup? Will you bet on Portugal to win World Cup 2018 for the 26.00 Bet365 Sportsbook odds? Let us know about your best World Cup 2018 betting predictions and expectations by leaving a comment below!

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