5 Tips To Win The Lottery That Are Actually Useless


Posted: January 21, 2021

Updated: January 21, 2021

  • There are many wrong tips on how to hit the lottery jackpot
  • Which pieces of advice have been never proved in real life?

If you are a frequent lotto player, you might have seen various tips to win the lottery at gambling oriented sites. However, most pieces of advice are useless and don’t help to pick winning numbers at all. Which tips shouldn’t you follow while playing the lottery online and offline? 

The lottery is one of the most popular forms of gambling and entertainment in the world. Every third adult had played the lottery at least once in his or her life. No wonder that such big popularity led to the emergence of various lotto guides and tips. Some are really useful, while the others are no more than a waste of time. Let’s read about the latter and see which tips to win the lottery you shouldn’t follow if you want to win at Jackpot.com.

Five lottery tips that don’t work

The following tips to win the lottery are quite popular at various gambling and lotto-oriented sites. Despite the fact that they are published in every second guide, their effectiveness wasn’t proved. Nevertheless, it’s up to you to decide whether you should follow these 5 lotto tips or not.

The more you play, the bigger your winning chances are

One of the most popular misbeliefs in gambling sounds like “the more you play, the more you win”. This is related to the lottery as well: some guides teach us that buying more tickets may increase our winning chances. There is a tiny grain of truth here but the game isn’t worth candles. It is way more important to buy the right lottery tickets that waste money on hundreds of them. You can even buy one and only ticket in your entire life and hit the jackpot – it depends on luck. However, if you believe that quantity is better than quality, you can find discounted packs of tickets at online lotto sites in Germany.

tips to win the lottery

Special numbers may help you hit the jackpot

There is a popular stereotype that important numbers and dates positively affect our winning chances. Many players use this technique to pick the numbers, though it doesn’t work with everybody. Some winners’ successful examples are no more than a coincidence and a fortuitous combination of circumstances. This formula will never work with every player, otherwise, we’d have billions of millionaires.

Lucky charms belong to fake tips to win the lottery

Another weird but widespread superstition touches upon… lucky charms that attract Lady Luck. Believe it or not but some lotto guides suggest wearing red underwear, carry a horseshoe, and eat clover leaves to win in gambling games. It’s still up to you whether to follow these pieces of advice or not, but examples of winning in a red bra have never been confirmed. 

Online lottery badly affects the winning chances 

Some guides on tips to win the lottery state that playing lotto games at online gambling sites in Germany decreases the winning chances. They justify it by winning percentages among offline and online players. Although the number of offline lotto winners is truly higher, it doesn’t mean that lotto sites are useless.

The truth is that land-based lotteries are much more widespread than online lotto sites. Although there are theLotter, Jackpot.com, and EuroLotto, people still prefer playing offline for emotions and experience. Buying a lottery ticket at petrol stations and crossing numbers with a pen is something like a ritual. To say nothing about the difference in age: offline lotteries existed for ages, while lotto sites emerged in the 21st century. 

It is impossible to win with the help of auto mode

Fake tips to win the lottery include recommendations on playing manually at online lotto sites. There is a belief that auto mode never brings victory to players. This statement was neither confirmed nor denied. Automatic number generators select numbers randomly as most players do. Therefore, the winning chances remain the same – it all depends on the player’s luck.

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