Top 10 Badass NBA Owners in 2017: Mark Cuban

badass NBA owners

The first addition to our list of badass NBA owners in 2017 will focus on Dallas Mavericks head coach and billionaire business man Mark Cuban.

It takes a considerable amount of money to own a professional sports team. All of the current NBA owners have accomplished a great deal, but none more so than Mark Cuban. Let’s take a look at how he grew to become one of the most badass NBA owners in 2017, made more money than any anonymous lottery winners UK has ever had, and helped raise his team from mediocre status to one of the NetBet Sportsbook favorites to win the NBA Championship.

Early business career

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Mark Cuban created his first business, called MicroSolutions, in the 1980’s. In 1990 he sold the company to CompuServe for $6 million. That initial success would prove to be a sign of things to come for Cuban, who would go on to invest in many different businesses through the early 2000’s.

Some of the companies that Mark Cuban has invested in include Brondell Inc., a San Francisco startup that makes high-tech toilet seats,, a website to uncover fraud in publically traded companies, and IceRocket, a unique search engine.

There may be no other investor in the world that recognizes the potential in startups as Mark Cuban. His business intuition has made him a billionaire and one of the most badass NBA owners in 2017.

Purchase of the Dallas Mavericks

In January of 2000, Mark Cuban purchased a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks for $285 million from H. Ross Perot, Jr. Before this purchase, the Mavericks were seen as a sub-par team, winning just 40% of their games with a playoff record of 21-32.

In the 10 years following Cuban’s purchase of the Mavericks, the team began making UK gambling news by winning 69% of their games and earning their way into the 2006 NBA Finals before losing to the Miami Heat. In 2011, the team once again made it to the Finals. Despite coming into the game as a betting favorite according to most UK sports betting sites like NetBet Sportsbook, they won the series 4-2.

Dallas Mavericks owner

Mark Cuban became owner of the Dallas Mavericks in January of 2000 (photo:

The Mavericks have struggled to find as much success as of late. They’ve made a number of changes to their team over the years, but have kept many of their star players including Dirk Nowitzki and Harrison Barnes.

Now, Mark Cuban isn’t exactly one of the most badass NBA coaches in 2017 because of his major contributions to the team. Cuban has taken a hands-off approach during his time as owner, mostly allowing head coach Rick Carlisle to make important decisions. As of now, the Dallas Mavericks are a serious underdog to win the 2017 NBA Championship with odds of 351.00, according to many different online sportsbooks in the UK.

Philanthropy work

As an outspoken supporter of US troops, Mark Cuban created the Fallen Patriot Fund to help the families of fallen veterans. The majority of grants given out by this charitable organization have come from Cuban himself, although outside donations are encouraged.

In addition Mark Cuban’s veteran charity, he has also donated significant money to organizations involved in health and disaster relief. He made a $75,000 donation to 1 Million for Anna, a foundation involved in curing childhood cancer, and $1 million to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

It’s always good to hear about billionaires donating to philanthropic causes, and Cuban’s efforts to help the families of war veterans and natural disaster victims makes him one of the most badass NBA owners in 2017.

Who do you think are the most badass NBA owners in 2017? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, and make sure to check out NetBet Sportsbook to find a full list of 2017 NBA betting odds!

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