Famous Football Experts Supporting Leicester Legend Claudio Ranieri

Leicester Legend Claudio Ranieri

Was it a good decision to let go of Leicester legend Claudio Ranieri in the middle of a Champions League encounter? Time will tell soon but many famous football experts have expressed their opinions on the issue…

…and the directive board of Leicester City must not be happy with those opinions if they are even willing to listen. José Mourinho, and Gary Lineker also talked about yesterday’s biggest football news; they believed it was an unjust decision from Leicester City’s part. Let’s see what they think about sacking Leicester legend Claudio Ranieri!

Mourinho blames Ranieri’s departure on ‘modern football’

José Mourinho is not friends with many fellow managers, but Leicester Legend Claudio Ranieri is an exception even for the Portuguese. Online gambling news in the UK report that Man Utd’s current manager has expressed his farewell to his friend via Instagram. His words were quite moving:

“This is modern football, Claudio. Keep on smiling, my friend, you have made history. Nobody could ever take that away from you!” – wrote the Portuguese on his Twitter wall and added many applauding emoticons, expressing his respect towards The Manager Of The Year 2016.

Lineker: “Inexplicable, unforgivable and truly heart-breaking!”

Gary Lineker, one of the most important football player in the history of Premier League, has also expressed his shocked state by using another popular social media site, Twitter. The former football player didn’t even try to hide his disappointments, he had 3 posts on the matter: 1 saying “thanks for everything” in Italian, 1 for not understanding and questioning the decision and one explaining how inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad of a decision it has been.

Former Barca and Liverpool stars also said farewell

Victor Valdes also expressed his respect to Claudio Ranieri: “You made the impossible possible. Nobody in the world of football will forget what a great manager you are. I wish you all the best for the future!” said the Spaniard, while Jamie Carragher demands a Ranieri statue ASAP. Maybe we should check out the odds for that at online sportsbooks, he would deserve a statue for sure!

Leicester legend Claudio Ranieri deserves better

First of all I must comment on the decision made by Leicester City’s directory board. It would be understandable if it were any other team. However, we also need to see that nobody would even care about what’s happening to Leicester City if it hadn’t been to Leicester legend Claudio Ranieri and his outstanding series of performances throughout the entire season last year.

He, together with his team, has won the Premier League for the first, and for the last time for a very long time at least for Leicester City. This is a historic victory which needs to be handled accordingly, however it can not be expected every year. Of course the drop of form is easily notable but it can’t be blamed on the manager only: if you sell your best player, don’t be surprised if your side weakens. Look at where Kanté is with Chelsea now…

In addition, Claudio Ranieri brought Leicester City to the Champions League group stages from where they easily qualified. They are just ahead of the second leg and they still have chances to qualify for the next round according to all online sportsbooks in the UK. It is just unfair to sack him before giving him the chance to at least finish in the tournament what he had started. I believe Leicester City has made a huge mistake and it will cost them way too much.

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