Top 5 Exotic Online Roulette Games To Play


Posted: September 3, 2020

Updated: September 3, 2020

  • Tired of European roulette? Check these 5 games!
  • Play Astro roulette and a cricket-themed game online
  • RoyalSpinz will help you to win many exotic roulette games

There isn’t bigger joy for roulette fans other than spinning the wheel and winning money. If you are of this type but tired of standard European & American roulettes, check the top-5 best exotic online roulette games. A new experience combined with many simplified ways of winning is what you need this fall!

A roulette fan? You are in the right place as today we are listing the best exotic online roulette games. As this game is among your favorite casino activities, you might have noticed that most gambling venues offer mostly two types of roulette: European and American. Sometimes, you can meet French roulette in casinos but that’s it.

Thankfully, online casinos in France offer much more than land-based gambling rooms. In particular, roulette fans can find lots of unusual games they have never heard about before. The rules are almost the same, but the gaming experience is completely different, so hurry up to check the list!

5 best exotic online roulette games to play

In this list, we have collected five exotic roulette games you can play online. Most of them are much easier to play & win as they basically derived from their “big brothers” – European and American roulette.

Multiwheel roulette

Multiwheel roulette is one of the best choices for roulette fans. To describe it briefly, this type of a popular game is basically European roulette with multiple wheels. To play Multiwheel roulette, a bet must be placed on the expected outcome (number/color) but at least two wheels are spun instead of one. In total, there can be up to 8-10 wheels in the game. 

exotic online roulette games
Let’s spin the wheel!

To play Multiwheel roulette, you have to choose how many wheels you would like to play with and come up with a bet. Keep in mind that the number of wheels you spin affects the winning odds. Thus, if you wager $10 and play with all eight wheels, your total bet would be $80, but winnings will be obviously higher too. Read our Multiwheel roulette guide to learn more about the game.

Roulette Cricket

This roulette game was made for cricket fans. Available exclusively at RoyalSpinz Casino, the game perfectly combines gambling with sports elements. Roulette Cricket has probably the weirdest-looking wheel and pockets you have ever seen. You have to kick the ball a bit in the chosen direction to make a bet and then spin the 2D wheel. If you are looking for a new roulette experience, Roulette Cricket is what you need.

Mini roulette

Mini roulette (also known as African roulette) is a little brother of European and American games. It has the same rules and principles as to them – place a bet, spin the wheel, guess the number/color – with one key difference. Unlike the 37 or 38 pockets of the two most popular roulettes, its mini version has only 13 numbers to bet on. They are 1-12 of red/black color and green Zero.

Playing mini roulette is not only exciting but also profitable. A reduced number of pockets enhances the winning chances. The odds of mini roulette bets are the following:

Bet Odds
Straight bet 12.6
First/second half 2.1
Bet on the third 3.15
Black/red sector 2.1

Astro Roulette

For all astrology and mystery fans, there is special Astro roulette to play. One of the most exotic online roulette games ever borrowed just two things from standard roulette games – the wheel and basic rules. In other aspects, Astro roulette is something beyond imagination.

Like in any other roulette, you have to bet on one of the pockets. However, Astro roulette has Zodiac signs instead of common black/red numbers. In addition, all 12 signs are divided by seasons. Aries, Taurus, Gemini belong to Spring, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo – to Summer. Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius are Fall signs, while Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – Winter signs. 

exotic online roulette games
Feeling luck today?

This isn’t it! All signs are also divided into Positive and Negative as well as influenced by 4 elements: Air, Water, Earth, Fire. If you decide to play Astro roulette, you have to bet either on a particular sign to show up or on its category from the three mentioned above. Check RoyalSpinz Casino to play this great roulette game and maybe your sign will bring you luck.

300 Carat Roulette

This roulette game may not be as unusual as previous ones, but it is still one of the best picks to try. 300 Carat Roulette is a great online roulette that gives you almost a live-like experience. In fact, it is a classic European roulette performed as the greatest 3D model you have ever seen on the Internet. The realistic design of the table, sound effects, your personal voice helper, and great animation will make you feel like in a real-life casino.

Playing 300 Carat Roulette is as simple as ABC. Once you open the game, your voice assistant will invite you to place a bet. Having clicked on the favorite pocket, you immediately see how much money you will get in case of winning. Then, the dealer spins the wheel and you either win or lose. It is also a perfect roulette game for beginners as every step is clarified.

Check online gambling sites in France to find lots of entertaining casino games, including the newest roulette games.

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