Top 5 New Poker Games To Play Online

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New poker games to play online

What comes to your mind when you hear about poker? We bet that you think about classic Hold’Em – the most popular poker game in the world – or at least Stud with Omaha. If all of them make you bored, check out top-5 new poker games to play online and pick the most exotic ones.

Undoubtedly, poker is the most popular card game in casinos. Its worldwide popularity and high demand caused the emergence of numerous poker variations. Hold’Em, Stud, Omaha, Caribbean, Razz, 5-Card Draw are just a small part of it. However, what if someone has tried all available poker games? We know what to do.

At online casinos in Hong Kong, there are also many unpopular poker variations that are worth trying. We have chosen 5 new poker games to play online with a brief description and basic rules. They will help you to see this classic casino game in a new light and, of course, win some money.

New poker games to play online: Baseball Poker

Baseball poker is a pretty interesting game to play as a new variation of a familiar game. It is played with 52 cards, including Jokers, and 2+ players. Like in common poker games, everyone competes for a pot and is dealt his cards one by one.

New poker games to play online
Which one is your favorite?

Then the game starts. Players receive one card face down and then one card face up, dealt one at a time in rotation, and place bets. After betting, everyone gets one more face-up card with a betting interval after each round. Cards are dealt by the dealer until all players have one face down card and four face-up cards.

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Jokers, as well as nines and threes, are wild cards. If a player has 9 or 3 face-up, he/she must either match the pot or drop. If he/she gets 4, he receives an additional hole card face down. Then, all players open up their hole cards and the best hand wins. Apart from common hands, there is one extra – Five of a kind (4 of a kind plus any wild card). This is the best hand in Baseball poker.

Wild Widow Poker is a rare but exciting game

Wild Widow Poker is among the most interesting variants of poker games. Like most of its counterparts, it required a deck of 52 cards and a minimum of four players. Each player places bets on himself to have the best hand and is given five cards. However, this is the only part that united Wild Widow with other poker games.

Once everyone gets 4 face-down cards, the dealer puts one in the center and then deals the remaining cards. The face-up card in the middle shows that the other 3 cards of the same rank are wild. Then, everyone shows their hands and the best one wins.

There are 10 possible hands in Wild Widow poker. They are No pair, Pair, 2 Pairs, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full house, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, and Five of a kind as the highest hand. To collect it, you will need a wild card.

Play Anaconda Poker game at casinos

Some online gambling sites in Hong Kong offer such a new poker game as Anaconda – one of the new poker games to play online. Two or more players participate in this game and receive 7 cards each. In general, the game is also played with 52 cards and a betting pot.

How to play Anaconda poker? After getting 7 cards but before betting, you have to pass any three cards to the player on your left. Then, you bet on having the best hand and receive two cards from the player on your left. Another betting round and you reveal your hand. The one with the best one is the winner.

Like Wild Widow or Baseball poker, here are also 10 winning hands of different values. No Pair is the lowest, while Five of a kind is the top hand.

New poker games to play online
Let’s play!

Cold Hands Poker is a simplified Hold’Em

One of the best new poker games to play online is Cold Hands. This kind of poker is quite a popular game on parties and in friends circles. The game is played with 52 cards and a minimum of 2 players, as usual. Here are the basic rules:

  • The aim of Cold Hands poker is to win the pot, which is formed by players before the game starts;
  • The game is pretty similar to the classic poker with almost the same hands: No pair, Pair, 2 Pairs, Three of a kind, Straight, Flush, Full house, Four of a kind, Straight Flush, and Five of a kind as the highest hand. The latter is also possible only when there is a wild card (e.g. 4 Queens and a Joker form this hand).
  • The one who has the best hand takes all the pot right after getting and revealing cards. Thus, there are no rounds of betting and no draw.

Indian Poker is among new best poker games to play online

We have recently explained how to play Indian poker at online casinos, so it will not take a lot of time. Just a brief reminder about the basic Oklahoma rules and best odds.

The principal rules of Indian poker are pretty similar to classic games but much easier. Like Hold’Em, this power variation is played with 52 cards deck, however, the player gets not 5 but 3 cards to collect a hand. If you play Indian poker online, the dealer will be your opponent. So, all you have to do is to get a better hand than a computer. Hands can be Pairs, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, and Straight Flush. In addition, the Indian poker game app is well-designed and exciting to play.

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