Special Betting Odds on Kraftwerk: The Band’s Future

  • Kraftwerk is a German electronic band with a long history
  • They haven’t released new music for decades. Will they do it by 2023?
  • Check all the possible betting predictions about the band ax 1xBET Sportsbook
special betting odds on Kraftwerk
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If you are a fan of German music, you have probably heard about Kraftwerk. This legendary band has been staying on the top for 50 years, but what can happen to its members in the new decade? Check special betting odds on Kraftwerk and choose the variant that is the closest to your opinion.

Kraftwerk is a popular electronic & synth-pop band from Germany. Formed in 1970 in Dusseldorf, the squad of 4 musicians is famous as one of the best bands in the country. They released such commercially successful albums such as Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express, The Man-Machine, and Computer World. Also, they were named as inventors of the so-called “robot-pop” style in music.

As you might have guessed, Kraftwerk celebrates its anniversary this year – 50 years of making music. On this occasion, online sportsbooks in Germany presented special betting odds on Kraftwerk. Let’s see what awaits Ralf Hutter, Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz, and Flak Grieffenhagen in the near future. 

All special betting odds on Kraftwerk

Despite its long 50-years-old history, Kraftwerk is still an active band in Germany. Yes, its best years are left behind, but its members are still touring across Europe and the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the founder of the band, Florian Schneider, passed away in 2020. It made fans make predictions about the future of Kraftwerk, even though he left the band years before his death. What 1xBET predictions have the most chances to come into life?

special betting odds on Kraftwerk
What is going to happen? – Image via Flickr

Kraftwerk can keep on performing

According to 1xBET Sportsbook, the oblivion will omit the band in the next few years. By the best odds on the betting site, Kraftwerk will give at least one European tour by 2023. It will include performances in such countries as Germany, Austria, and Sweden, which is not surprising. The band finished their last tour in 2016, but also had several performances on different occasions, such as the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 2019.

The next Kraftwerk tour is currently scheduled for 2020-2021 with more than a dozen dates. So, the possibility of visiting at least German-speaking countries is really high and odds of 1.40 confirm it.

The band can release a new album

Another popular special betting odds on Kraftwerk – 5.00 – shot that the band will release a new studio album by 2023. By online gambling sites in Germany, it’s time for four members of the band to give fans new music. The previous long play of the band, Tour de France Soundtracks, was released 17(!) years ago, while the time gap between it and the last-but-one LP, Electric Cafe, was the same. It seems that Kraftwerk tends to release new songs every 17 years, so 2020 is a perfect opportunity to listen to their latest compositions and win some cash on it at 1xBET.

There are also odds on two members of Kraftwerk to leave it soon, but let’s focus on positive outcomes. In addition, if you are a fan of music, take a look at betting predictions about Taylor Swift’s Folklore. Win money on the most popular album of the year so far!

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