How To Play Indian Poker: An Ultimate Guide


Posted: August 7, 2020

Updated: August 7, 2020

  • Everything about Indian poker explained
  • Odds, hands, and rules are presented in the guide
  • Play the game at 1xBET Casino after learning rules

Here is a detailed guide on how to play Indian poker – an easy poker variation also known under many different names. Yet this game is not as popular as Hold’Em, it is both exciting and profitable to play. Check the basic rules of Indian poker, its secret strategies, and betting sites to play it online.

Poker is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. It is also the most recognizable international card game, played in most countries. Such big popularity of poker has predictably led to the emergence of different poker games across the globe: everyone modified its rules to make poker easier or more interesting to play. That is how Indian poker appeared. 

Indian poker has many names at various online casinos in China. Some people know it as Blind man’s bluff, the others call it Squaw poker or Oklahoma (Oklahoma forehead). This poker variation is quite popular among gamblers, however, most newcomers may have never heard about it. So, let’s see where and how to play Indian poker.

Indian poker basic rules: play with friends!

Oklahoma poker game is a very interesting poker variation, different from the original version. First, let’s see how it is played in non-gambling establishments. 

Indian poker is called Blind man’s bluff for a reason. Rules of the game mean that players can see everyone’s cards except for their own. In offline games, players usually put their cards on their foreheads not to be able to see them. However, the principles may be different at online gambling sites in China, but we will talk about them later.

Indian poker is played by 2+ players; usually, their number varies from two to eight. A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play the game. The standard Indian poker game allows a player with the highest card to win. While playing, participants are given one card, which is stuck to their forehead to make other players see it. Once everyone gets their card, the betting starts. Players make wagers on their own cards considering others’ cards and trying to predict the value of their card. The one who has the highest card and guesses it wins the round.

In some Oklahoma games, the suits have a rank. Spades are the highest, followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs as the lowest.

how to play Indian poker
You can easily play Indian poker online

How to play Indian poker in casinos

Rules on how to play Indian poker as a casino game are obviously a bit different. Surely, any player will stick cards on their foreheads neither in land-based casinos nor online. In fact, online Indian poker is not much different from the classic one – the only big difference is that it is played with 3 cards instead of five.

 Playing Indian poker at online casinos has the following step-by-step guidelines:

  • Log in or sign up for a casino site. It can be any gambling site, but we recommend 1xBET Casino;
  • Choose the game either in the poker section or among other games (at 1xBET, Indian poker is available at 1xGames);
  • Place a bet. Generally, the minimal wager in Oklahoma poker varies. E.g. at 1xBET, you can start betting from $0.15 up to $350;
  • Let the game start! Once you place a bet and press the “start” button, the dealer will give you three cards. If you get any winning combination, you will receive winning money to your account to continue the game.

In addition, playing Indian poker at 1xBET Casino & Sportsbook is pure luxury. The game has a lovely design with recognizable landscapes in the background and two dancers to please the eye and be your dealers during the rounds. Now, it’s time to see what you can win in this card game.

Oklahoma winning combinations & odds explained

As we have just mentioned, online Indian poker is not too different from Hold’Em (unlike its offline counterpart). There are the same winning combinations – hand – to bring you profit. Here is the detailed explanation of odds and poker hands in Oklahoma.

Pair. The meaning of this hand is clear from its name. Like in Hold’Em, a pair of cards in Oklahoma means two cards of the same value (e.g. two Kings). If you get a pair in Indian poker, you receive your stake back as the odds are x1.

Flush. Getting Flush in Indian poker multiplies your stakes x5, which results in a higher profit. To win, you have to collect three cards of the same suit (e.g. diamonds) in any order.

Straight. The Straight poker hand gives you x10 to your initial stake. As you know from the classic poker, it is a series of cards of any suit but in a sequence (e.g. Jack, Queen, King).

how to play Indian poker
Indian poker has the regular winning combinations

Three of a kind. If the dealer gives you three cards of the same value, your odds boost in 50 times. Yes, odds on getting e.g. three Jacks are worth x50 at 1xBET Casino.

Straight Flush. Finally, the highest hand in Indian poker. If you get three cards in a row and of the same suit (e.g. 7, 8, 9 of hearts), your odds are x75. This is the maximum you can win playing this card game online.

You can finish the game either after one winning round or keep on trying your luck with the winning money. Try the game once you learn how to play Indian poker from our guide. You can also read about Apple Of Fortune game rules to play this game of chance at 1xBET.

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