Lucky Card Game Rules Explained – It Is Easy To Win


Posted: August 7, 2020

Updated: August 7, 2020

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One of the most exciting games of chance awaits you. Try playing Lucky Card to win easy money in five minutes. To help you, here you have all Lucky Card game rules explained, including where and how to play it.

Apart from classic casino games, there are many games of chance at online gambling sites in Australia. Lucky Cards is one of them. This simple but exciting game of luck has lots of advantages that make it worth trying: it is easy to play, no rules to memorize. However, a detailed guide never goes amiss, so here is everything about Lucky Card game rules explained.

All Lucky Card game rules explained

Playing Lucky Card online is as easy as ABC. This game is based on cards and mostly on your luck as all you have to do is guess the suit of the top card in the deck and win!

To play Lucky card, you need to choose this game at one of the online casinos in Australia. We recommend 1xBET as it has a very simple Lucky Card game that will entertain you if you are tired of such card games as poker of twenty-one. So, how to play this game of luck?

  • Firstly, you have to place a bet. Your stake has to be determined before the game starts. So, choose how much you would like to bet (betting range is pretty flexible) and start the game;
  • Once the bet is placed, you will see a deck of cards lying face down. Your task is to predict the suit of the top card (diamond, hearts, spades, or clubs). Some games can ask for predicting the color (red or black) instead of the suit. Obviously, it is even better as your chances to guess double;
  • Make your choice and press play. If you guessed the right color, a casino will pay you back x2. Also, if you are lucky enough to pick the right suit, the odds will be even better – x4. In case of a mistake, the game ends.

As you can see, Lucky Card is one of the easiest games to play and win some cash. Let’s see where to play it.

Lucky Card game rules explained
If you learn this game you will love it!

Where to play Lucky Card?

Lucky Card is quite a rare game to meet at online casino sites. Unfortunately, it is not as popular as other card games, but it doesn’t make it worse. The most popular casino that offers this game to play is 1xBET Casino. If you want to play Lucky Card, sign up for the site, go to the 1xGames section, and pick the game. At the online casino, Lucky Card is available for betting from $0.20 to $350 per one round. So, you can play high stakes and benefit from it as the game offers great odds.

In addition, 1xBET Casino & Sportsbook has a guide with all Lucky Card game rules explained in case if you forget some points. Play more exciting and exotic games like Hot Dice at this fully-fledged casino site.

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