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Posted: August 5, 2020

Updated: December 5, 2023

  • Apple Of Fortune: an ultimate guide to the game rules
  • Some useful betting strategies are also available
  • Play Apple Of Fortune at 22Bet Casino

Tired of common gambling activities like slots or poker? Learn how to play Apple Of Fortune – an exciting online game of chance. Inspired by Disney’s Snow White, this game reminds neither about card games nor lotto or roulettes. Check why Apple Of Fortune is so unique and where to play it in 2024.

What is Apple Of Fortune? It is an exciting game of chance available at many gambling sites, including online casinos in Germany. Based on Disney’s popular fairy tale about Snow White, the game follows her adventures in an enchanted forest, where the player will be her guide. Let’s learn more about its rules, strategies, and casinos to find it.

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How to play Apple Of Fortune: a full description of the game

As we have already mentioned, a popular story about Snow White inspired the Apple Of Fortune game makers. If you remember the idea of the fairy tale, you might have already guessed how to play it. The princess is trapped in the enchanted forest and looks for your help, surrounded by various apple trees. They have both poisoned and normal fruits, so your task is to guess where juicy apples are hidden. If you pick them right, you will save Snow White and she will reward you with money.

At online gambling sites in Germany, the Apple Of Fortune layout is presented as a grid with 5 columns and 10 lines. Each section of the grid hides an apple – either bad (apple core) or good. To start the game, you have to make a bet on cells that may contain nice apples, and open one cell in each row. Every time you guess, you will get some money, but if you fail, you lose all your winnings. If you pick only fresh apples during the game, congratulations, as you hit the jackpot!

Play Apple of Fortune at the 22BET Casino!
Play Apple of Fortune at the 22BET Casino!

Betting strategies

To win in Apple Of Fortune, players have to learn some strategies. The most common one touches upon stakes. 

Predictably, the lower rows will be harder to win, but their value will be higher. Every row doubles the amount of payout. It is affected by the number of good apples per line. Thus, the first 4 rows have four fresh fruits, rows 5-7 have three, 8-9 – two, and row #10 contains just one “good” apple. Therefore, players are given two main pieces of advice while learning how to play Apple Of Fortune:

  • Use x1.75 betting strategy. Increase your stakes in case of losing from the beginning. Also, do not start the game at the lowest stakes (e.g. use €2 instead of the minimal €0.5)

  • Do not play at 8-10 rows in the game. Chances to win are too low to take a risk.

Where to play Apple Of Fortune?

Once you learn how to play Apple Of Fortune, check online gambling sites in your area as the game is available to play online only.

Initially, the game appeared exclusively for 1xBet Casino & Sportsbook, other gambling sites have added it to their hot listings. You can find one of the best Apple Of Fortune variations at 22Bet Casino. To play the game, all you need to do is to sign up for the casino, make the first deposit, claim your personal welcom bonus, and enjoy playing! At 22Bet, you can play either on minimal stakes starting from €0.5 and ending up with hundreds of euros.

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