Best States for Gambling – Is There Any Place Better Than Vegas?


Posted: August 5, 2020

Updated: August 5, 2020

  • The gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas is not the only place in the US to gamble at
  • Oklahoma is ranked 4th for being “gambling friendly”
  • If you want to gamble at California, travel to Southern parts of the state

A well-known fact that Nevada is one of the best states for gambling in the USA. So, thinking of any other state to replace Nevada is hard to imagine. It’s the gambling capital in the US if not in the whole world. And that’s not for nothing, worldwide famous Las Vegas is located there!

Nevada is a very popular tourist attraction in the USA. To the point that even 115-degree heat in the summer is not holding tourists from visiting the capital of gambling. Nevertheless, despite Nevada’s such a great score of reach, this is not the only place to gamble in the US. There are also other states where gambling is legal and highly popular.

So, gambling today is one of the main revenue generators in the sector of entertainment in the US. More and more inland and online casinos in the US are opening every year. Especially in the online gambling sector. Online gambling sites in the US today reached a level where they resemble traditional casinos very closely! Here are a few sites to gamble in the US:

You can find the best betting odds and enjoy the best online gambling bonuses in the US on these websites. A time full of joy and pleasure guaranteed!

Let’s move on to the best states for gambling now!

Best of the Best States for Gambling – Nevada and Lovely Vegas

Though we earlier mentioned that Nevada is not the gambling state in the US, starting the list of best states for gambling with Nevada seems like a must.

“Las Vegas” is enough to mention to express how popular Nevada is. Number top gambling destination and the gambling capital of the world is the place where all gambler types meet.

So, Vegas is full of casinos and it remains to be the first place coming to our minds when hearing the word “gambling”. Moreover, you can find 15 out of the 25 biggest hotels in the world in Las Vegas with 104 casinos in the city!

Best states for gambling
Las Vegas is the best

Tourists Love Louisiana Not Only for Creole Culture but Also for New Orleans’ Casinos

Now let’s move to Louisiana – a place that has a lot to show. Besides getting acquainted with Creole culture and New Orleans streets, you also open the gambling world there. Just as many tourists of one of the best states for gambling do. New Orleans has quite a few large casinos to make you enjoy your time!

Gambling Friendly Oklahoma

Though Oklahoma can’t wonder its tourists with breathtaking nature views, it has something else to make you fall in love with it – its casinos. So, if you want to take some risks – straight to Oklahoma! The state is in the fourth place in the ranking for “gambling friendliness” and 11th for most gambling machines per capita. Therefore, it’s one of the best states for gambling that you may find in the US.

Illinois Has Chicago Which Makes It Among the Best States for Gambling!

Well, did you know that one of the most popular casino cities in the US is in Illinois? And which city are we talking about? Yes, it’s all about Chicago – one of the most favorite places of gamblers coming from Illinois and Indiana. The city is automatically making Illinois one of the best states for gambling! It is believed that if you climb on the tallest Chicago skyscrapers, you can even see the state of Indiana. But only if you catch the sky clear.

So, Majestic Star Casino is one of the most favorite places to stop by. Its slot machines, gambling facilities, and a large variety of playing options stole the hearts of many gamblers.

South Dakota Is Famous Not Only for Casinos

Next is, South Dakota! The state has 25 casinos in the area of the Deadwood. You can also find 11 trial casinos in the state. So, the state is indeed a great place for gambling and just enjoying the moment.

Nevertheless, it’s not only casinos that South Dakota is famous for. The state has over thousand of bars that give you a chance to try video lotteries out! These lotteries are very similar to slot machines, though they’re not the same. So, just pay 25 cents and enjoy any round of the games the lotteries offer!

The State of College Football and Casinos – Iowa

The state that introduced us to college football and corn. Besides those, it’s a place where you can find around 20 casinos! The casinos are all around the state with most of them being concentrated in the Des Moines area. Irrespective of what you choose, you will have a lot of fun and excitement! Iowa’s casinos offer lots of various gambling options. And if you see the prices of its resort casinos, it will definitely make you think of a trip to Iowa! Coming there, don’t forget to try its food – extremely delicious! Therefore, if you’re looking for the best states for gambling, Iowa should surely be on the list.

If You Start Gambling in California, Go to the South

Though California is not as famous for its gambling opportunities as, say, Nevada or Illinois, it’s not a big deal to find a casino there. So, traveling to California, besides enjoying the breathtaking sunsets, you can enjoy your time gambling. But note that there are way fewer options in the northern area of the state. Therefore, if you came to California for gambling, stick to the southern parts of the state.

Best states for gambling
Oh California

The List Wouldn’t Be Full Without New Jersey

What list would it be if we didn’t include New Jersey in here? It’s the perfect place and one of the best states for gambling. Therefore, if you can’t go to Vegas but desperately want to, we suggest visiting Atlantic City in New Jersey! It won’t leave you indifferent.

Attractive casinos, shopping centers, and other places will make you feel like home there.

These are the best places to go gambling that you will leave with lots of emotions. And if you can’t visit them, try online gambling experience – it won’t leave you indifferent! Moreover, online gambling is not only about online slots or other games, there the many US states with legal sports betting as well as betting on many other events.

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